Crimo Comes Clean On ESPN

Joe Crimo and Jesse Evans at Gallagher’s Pub and Grill in Huntington Beach. Photo: Tom Morin

If you’ve seen any of the older …LOST movies, or various surf videos from the mid 90s, you may remember someone named Joe Crimo. He was that guy with the wide stance doing shove its and big spin-type chop hops and airs on every wave. He would later be on the forefront of the inverted aerial movement, pushing boundaries with different rodeo flip variations. The Angelino turned San Clemente madman was pretty much the first guy to really skateboard on a surfboard, he threw conventional surfing out the window. People liked it, and boy did people hate it.

That was over a decade ago, and since then Crimo pretty much disappeared. A year or so back, I ran into him at Gallagher’s Pub and Grill in Huntington Beach, CA, he had tattoos all over his face, and it was pretty obvious where he had been; the dark side. Temptations got the best of him, and his need for adrenaline would lead him down the unlit path of heavy drug and alcohol use, and ultimately prison time.

Crimo recently sat down with ESPN to film a video short explaining what had happened, and to warn people who may be on that same path to wake up.

Below is the ESPN video and his section in Coming Up Wrong: