Croatian Spring Break

Ten ways to have a very National Geographic vacation.

Attention college students! Spring break is approaching, and it's time to start making plans. Instead of drinking yourself stupid in South Beach again, we've discovered a slightly more productive way to spend your week off.

Imagine hiking through jungles in Ecuador, watching the sunset in Sri Lanka, or swimming under a waterfall in Honduras. STA Travel offers ten such incredible spring-break alternatives that give you the opportunity to explore exotic countries, help others, and do something you'll actually remember. Have you ever been to Croatia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kenya, or India? Would you enjoy preserving sea-turtle populations in Costa Rica, or volunteering at a wildlife preserve in South Africa? Now's your chance.

While your colleagues sweat through nasty hangovers, you'll be waking up to breakfast in a place that looks straight out of National Geographic. About twenty hours of your trip is spent doing conservation work ranging from wildlife preservation to community development (teaching English, building schools, etc). The rest of the week is left open for exploring and recreation. The packages cost 795 dollars, which includes meals, a day of Spanish lessons (if necessary), and a week's stay with a host-family or at a youth hostel.

So if you've ever wanted to see the Mayan ruins, the golden beaches of El Salvador, or the beautiful Andes Mountains, this is your opportunity. Consider doing something pro-active this year, something you'll remember for the rest of your life.–David Small

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