Cutting Down On Wetsuit Funk

briansmellyfaceThe wetsuit funk can be downright nauseating. And once you break the seal on the first piss in a new suit, well chalk that one up to the funk as well. But there's all kinds of things you can do to cut down on the funk and to help prolong the life of your investment. Here's a few wetsuit care tips:

  • A scrub in lukewarm water and a little soap can do wonders.
  • Mixing in some antiseptic mouthwash helps to kill any bacteria.
  • There’s also all kinds of neoprene shampoos out there that help to care for and protect your wetsuit.
  • Whenever possible, don't leave a wet wetsuit clumped up in the back of your car.
  • Always hang dry, and not in direct sunlight (that breaks the neoprene down).
  • Use a heavy duty plastic hanger. Those shitty hangers only end up ruining the shoulders on your suit.

De/Funk/ify Your Wetsuit – Surf Sufficient from on Vimeo.