Cutting Floor: The Making Of The Photo Book

Dane Gudauskas
Asher Pacey
Nate Yeomans
Dege O'Connell
Brent Dorrington
Cabo San Lucas
Cheyne Magnusson
Nic Lamb
Jason Collins
Pancho Sullivan
Jesse Merle Jones
Pat Gudauskas
Dane Reynolds
Matt McCabe
Adam Virs
Mark Healey
Mark Healey
Jamie O'Brien
Sean Moody
Cory Lopez
Brian Toth

Cutting Floor: The Making Of The Photo Book
In a perfect world we’d have endless amounts of room for beautiful imagery in our annual Photo Book. But that’s just not the case, and here are the casualties of the editing process…

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Cheyne Magnusson

Cheyne Magnusson just missing the cut... Photo: Nelly/SPL