Just when we had finally, collectively, as the surf tribe, begun to shake the Jeff Spicoli image that we probably sorta deserved, this happens, and the whole world smirks and laughs. And for good reason, can you imagine if this sort of mistake was made in golf or tennis? The fact is, it wouldn’t.

The ASP has just reminded everyone that yup, surfers are still stupid. Only a bunch of stoned dropouts would accidentally crown our world-champion before he’d actually won. And to make matters worse, depending on conditions in OB, it could be a while before he’s actually crowned for-real.

Kelly. Our reigning king, a true ambassador for the sport. Articulate, intelligent, charismatic, and one of the most prolific and dominant athletes in the history of sport, Kelly Slater has done an incredible job of putting himself in the vocabulary of a world-wide audience that reaches far inland of the beach. A clean-cut role model, he is the anti-idiot that our sport needs if we ever hoped to be mentioned without a dismissive eye-roll.

His monumental 11th world title came prematurely yesterday, and it was every bit as embarrassing as that sounds. A slight miscalculation by someone in the ASP and nobody bothered to double check the numbers until it was too late. The champagne popped. The confetti soaked. The Ke11y hats handed out. Now the morning after regret..

In reality Kelly will no doubt clinch the title, needing just one more heat win in this event, and two chances to get it as the next round is a three-man affair where the losers get another shot in round 5, (He will be facing both the Brazilian rookie prodigies in Medina and Pupo, in Heat Two of Round 4.) so this isn’t a big deal from an outcome of the season standpoint. It’s just kind of embarassing and we look kinda dumb now.

This stereotype has just been reinforced.