Daily Grind: Surfer magazine picks six siren waves

Surfer magazine recently got thinking about which six waves would “keep [them] enamored until the end of [their] days,” they wrote. Why? Here’s their explanation: “Back when the Parthenon was still freshly buffed marble, Greek mariners shared tales of seductive creatures that lay on the shores of the Mediterranean. They had porcelain skin and hair of silk, but it was their voices that made these Sirens irresistible. When their sweet melody made it beyond the waves, passing sailors were drawn to the shore, wrecking their ships on the rocky coast to be stranded within earshot of the ineluctable sound. Like the ancient Greek sailors, surfers are willing to risk everything once they find what calls to them. Perfect waves are our siren song and many a career, relationship, and bright future have been dashed to pieces on the rocks that front them.” Curious which waves they chose? Click here to find out.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico; courtesy Surfer, Todd Glaser; Click on the photo to view the full gallery of siren waves