Daily Grind: Take a breath-holding class, potentially save your life

Drowning has got to be on most people’s top 10 list of ways they don’t want to die. Just think about how terrifying it would be to be trapped under water, desperate for air, but with no oxygen to suck in? (I’ll tell you one thing: all that discussion about the agony of drowning in the movie “The Prestige” is pretty much seared into my mind.) While dying via drowning is unlikely for most of us, for surfers this remotely possible scenario is just a bit more likely, which is why Surfing magazine‘s editor-in-chief, Taylor Paul, recently got on the breath-holding / freediving class bandwagon and took a class in Half Moon Bay, California. “I am now at three minutes, chest rising and falling in quick, fruitless gasps. Ignore it. My lungs sting. There’s still more time. My mind and body duke it out: should I push through it or surrender to the spasms and indulge in the air, just two inches away?” Paul writes about the experience. To read all he has to say about the class, and how you can sign up for one yourself, click here, or click the photo below.

Photo courtesy Surfing