Dan Malloy Wins The Faith Riding Pro At Sunset Beach

Dan Malloy Faith Riding Pro In Epic Six to Eight Foot Sunset Beach

January 27th, 2002

The first stop on the Association of Surfing Professionals World QualifyingSeries Tour, the Faith Riding Pro was completed in long, clean and hollowwaves in the six to eight foot range at Sunset Beach. As skeptical wavewatchers were calling for small surf for today and tomorrow (the last dayofthe event waiting period), officials and competitors kept the “faith” andassun broke at 7:00 a.m. (HST), the four to six foot waves continued on anupswing to the quality level that the break is known for.

The northerly swell continued to show form as the day went on meaning theinside bowl would produce clean tubular sections in which sixteen year oldNathan Carroll scored a six second tube ride during round three for theonlyperfect 10 point ride of the event. Another standout Hana, Maui’s OlaEleogram, another sixteen year old who competes on all the HPAC tour eventson Oahu, ended up on wave shy of getting into the finals but these twoshowed competitors and spectators alike, what to expect in the near future.

For winner Dan Malloy, it was another story. Having come from a family ofsurfing brothers from the Santa Barbara area, Malloy was an alternate intothe event and wanted to try his luck at one of his favorite breaks. “Idon’tdo the world tour but I love surfing out here at Sunset and with threeotherguys out in these conditions and advancing through the rounds makes it evenmore fun. Then to make the finals and win my very first pro event, this isthe best I’ve done in my surfing so far and I’m stoked.”

For seasoned veteran Liam McNamara, it was business as usual working hiswayinto second place. A feat he has done here many times in the past withconsistent rides and maneuvers from outside Sunset Point through the insidebowl. For third place sixteen year old Carroll, keeping up with the bigboyswas no easy task as he carved and lacerated the face of every wave when notgetting high scoring tube rides and for fourth place finisher Shawn Sutton,who competed on last years season shortened WCT (the top tier) tour itmeantpoints towards trying to qualify through these WQS events and get back onthe world tour.


First – Dan Malloy $2500.00
Second – Liam McNamara $1000.00
Third – Nathan Carroll $800.00
Fourth – Shawn Sutton $700.00
Equal Fifth – Kaipo Jaquias (Hi), Daniel Hardman (Brazil) $600.00
Equal Seventh – Ola Eleogram (Hana, Hi), David Gonsalves (Hi) $500.00
Equal Ninth – Tamayo Perry (Hi), Mikala Jones (Hi), Solomon Ortiz (Hi),Aamion Goodwin (Hi) $400.00
Equal Thirteenth – Derek Ho (Hi), Jonah Morgan (Hi), Love Hodel (Hi), RobZitz (Hi)