Dane Gudauskas Clinches 2004 NSSA Open Mens Title

As always, the years-biggest amateur surf contest proves that the future is looking bright for our sport. The best advice for the top pros on the tour right now—watch your backs. The level of surfing that went down at this year’s Nationals was hands down the best ever witnessed in an amateur contest. Pat O’Connell said it best, “It’s funny I used to watch those kids surf and it was cute you know. Now they just plain rip. It’s incredible how good kids surf these days. Full on good styles, power, flow—they are light years ahead of where we were at that age.

They came from all over the USA including Hawai’i, Puerto Rico, Florida, New Jersey, and of course California. Every year the Nationals has its fair share of dramas and surprises and this year was no different. Some big names went down early and a relatively new and lesser-known group of young shredders stepped up to thrash the competition. With so many heats and so many results it’s hard to say who was the most dominating surfers in the water but a few names definitely top the list. Maui’s Clay Marzo showed fluid style, a deep bag of tricks, and the stamina to win both the Open Juniors division and the Explorer Boys division. Clay showed the crowd an amazing array of speed and flair on his way to domination of both divisions. Look for this kid to smash some pros on his way to the World Tour.

Carissa Moore also showed utter domination (as she regularly does) in the Open Women’s division. Caress is no doubt on her way to a WCT career within the next few years, a startling fact seeing how she’s only 11 years old!

Every year, the most hotly contested division is the Open Men’s. This year the winner would drive home in a new Mazda3 and his name on a list of superstar previous Open Men’s winner including Andy Irons, Kalani Robb, and Taylor Knox. Last year, the winner was Pat Gudauskas, this year, the spell-checkers and trophy engravers can rest and only check the first name which is none other than Pat’s twin brother Dane. The 17-year old phenom came to Lowers on a mission and showed why his name is synonymous with winning. The final heat of the Open Men’s division was tight with Killian Garland and Ola Eleogram looking like the favorites, but then it became all Dane with some long explosive rides on a few Right-handers.

Look for the full story in the next issue of TransWorld SURF and keep your eyes tuned into transworldsurf.com for updated photos of the event.

2004 NSSA Nationals Results
Location: Lower Trestles, San Clemente, California
Date: June 26, 2004

Open Men
1. Dane Gudauskas
2. Kellen Ellison
3. Kaimi Hui Hui
4. Kilian Garland
5. Ola Eleogram
6. TJ Barron

Open Women
1. Carissa Moore
2. Erica Hosseini
3. Lauren Sweeney
4. Colleen Mehlberg
5. Bethany Hamilton
6. Paige Alms

Open Juniors
1. Clay Marzo
2. Tyler Newton
3. Tanner Gudauskas
4. Casey Brown
5. Eric Geiselman
6. Dusty Payne

Open Longboard
1. Tony Silvagni
2. Christian Wach
3. Troy Mothershead
4. Morgan Faulkner
5. Ned Snow
6. Cody Thompson

O’Neill Airshow Championships
1. Sterling Spencer
2. Hank Gaskell
3. Eddie Guilbeau
4. Ola Eleogram
5. Cory Arrambide
6. Danny Shea

Explorer Men
1. Jeremy Johnston
2. Ola Eleogram
3. Todd Hutton
4. Dane Gudauskas
5. Brandon Guilmette
6. Patrick Gudauskas

Explorer Junior
1. Dylan Graves
2. Kilian Garland
3. Alex Gray
4. Nick Rozsa
5. Hank Gaskell
6. TJ Barron

Explorer Boys
1. Clay Marzo
2. Cory Arrambide
3. Kekoa Cazimero
4. Brent Reilly
5. Tyler Newton
6. Tonino Benson

Explorer Longboard
1. Felipe Becerra
2. Ned Snow
3. Makame Desoto
4. Kelly Kraushaar
5. Kevin Osborne
6. Troy Mothershead

Explorer Masters
1. Evan Slater
2. Andrew Valenttine
3. Parker McNaughton
4. Chris Keet
5. Micah Pitts
6. Rusty Phillipy

Explorer Seniors
1. Paul Barr
2. Neil Bern
3. Rusty Philippy
4. Scott Daley
5. Terry Gillard
6. Robert Weiner

College Team
1. Mira Costa Red

College Men
1. Dylan Slater
2. Ryan Schnell
3. Ted Travers
4. Bryce Frees
5. Ryan Clancy
6. Sam Baugh

College Women
1. Kristin Wilson
2. Bianca Valenti
3. Bridget Saeman
4. Darlene Connelly
5. Summer Meyer
6. Lara Kinney

College Longboard
1. Scott Hutchins
2. Justin Hugron
3. Brendan Castile
4. Kyle Albers
5. Ryan James
6. Chris Reeves