Dane Reynolds Makes 2004 His Year.

“Dane Reynolds Is The Best Freesurfer In The World.”-Andy Irons

Heavy claim from a heavy guy, but it seems to be the honest truth when talking about Ventura’s Dane Reynolds. In 2002, Dane got his first cover of TransWorld SURF and hasn’t let up since. High placings at illustrious amateur and professional surf contests, mass media attention, and a level head made Dane a wanted man in the surf industry. In mid-2003, Dane was at the center of a major bidding war. In the end, Quiksilver won, and Dane joined the team, second up on the totem pole only to Kelly Slater.

In 2004, Dane was called up into the big leagues, getting his first taste of WCT blood. He received a wildcard spot in the first event of the year-The Quiksilver pro at Snapper Rocks, in Australia. Being a wildcard meant that Dane would meet with the highest ranked surfers on the tour in each event-surfers like Kelly Slater and Andy Irons. Dane battled Kelly in OZ, but came up short. In Fiji, Dane won the trials, then, narrowly lost to Taylor Knox. This Summer at the Boost Mobile Pro, Dane pulled off a major upset, defeating World Champ, Andy Irons-knocking Andy out of the event.

Contest prowess was just a small part of Dane’s brilliant year. DC shoes added Dane to its tight team, then consisting only of Andy and Bruce Irons. Dane was also invited on his second TransWorld SURF supertrip to film for Taylor Steele’s next film. On that trip, Dane showed Andy, Shane Dorian, and CJ Hobgood that he was the future. Flips, massive airs, and the most consistent ratio of makes-to-falls sent stoke and worry into the hearts of the worlds best. “You just got a whole video part in two days,” laughed Shane Dorian to Dane while on the trip.

2004 will from now on be known as the year Dane Reynolds blew up.-C.C.