Dane Williams’ Mother Speaks Out About Her Deceased Son

As reported on Transworld Business

Hurley International intern and Huntington Beach native Dane Williams – who was found dead in San Diego three days after attending the January ASR Trade Show downtown – has been the subject of numerous media reports over the last month. For family and friends, the loss of Williams is an extremely hard one. His mother, Valen, spoke out in an email sent to many media outlets, including Transworld Business, concerning the way her son’s death has been handled by some members of the press. The letter was also published by the Orange County Register on its Web site under letters to the editor. Read what she has to say here:

The Truth About Dane
I thought it was about time I stepped in to get a few things cleared up. The press can sure exaggerate on the truth. If this wasn’t my son I’m speaking about, I’d say to myself, “That Poor Family.” Why does the press have to sensationalize everything!

The true facts that happened to my poor son Dane are bad enough, why in heavens sake are they making it worse for him and my family? In the Orange County Register alone, the headlines read: Alcohol, prescription drugs found in Hurley intern’s body! Well let’s clarify a few things here. Yes, Dane had alcohol in his system that has always been said from the very beginning. Regarding the prescription drugs, Dane was found to have a small trace of valium in his system. This could have been purposely put in one of his drinks. However, the dose that was found in his system was so insignificant that it held no bearing whatsoever on Danes demise.

Here is where it almost gets laughable to me if it wasn’t my son. The register stated that there was “quinine” in his system along with the valium; well quinine is nothing more than tonic water, period! I can’t explain why they had to put that in the paper making it sound as if Dane had drugs, unless the press didn’t do their homework to find out what quinine is.

Now here is what we do know right now: Dane was out with friends at “The Hard Rock Hotel,” on the corner of 6th and K Street. (Not to be confused with Hard Rock Café) to have dinner and drinks after an all day work convention. Dane was not down in the Gaslamp district on vacation, he was at a work event. He left the hotel around 1:30 in the morning, Saturday the 26th. He was seen on surveillance leaving by himself. Dane was found 3 days later, 7 miles away, in one of the worst areas in San Diego. Dane did not walk there, he was dumped there. He was found wrapped in a blood-stained blanket with small cuts on his body. His clothing was damp and he had no personal belongings on him. There were tire and shoe tracks near his body. Believe me, this is more than suspicious. This was not a friendly drop-off. These were not friends of Dane’s. Something happened bad to Dane.

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