Dane’s Last Dance On The World Tour?

Dane's Last Dance On The World Tour?

According to a post on stabmag.com, current ASP World Tour #5 ranked surfer Dane Reynolds is throwing in the towel and the 2010 season-ending Billabong Pro Pipeline Masters will "almost certainly be his last world tour event."

Knowing the guy who interviewed Dane, an Aussie bloke by the name of Jed Smith, I believe the author's claim. But that doesn't mean I agree with it.

No World Tour with Dane?

Say it ain't so!

Despite the trim down from 45 surfers to 36, there's nobody on tour—Kelly included—that is as much fun to watch. Call it selfish, but where else besides the World Tour am I supposed to watch the most entertaining surfer in the world surf live?

The article goes on to quote Dane as saying, "Surfing is in a weird place," and claims that he bares his soul in the December issue of Stab. Answer the web poll below, results will be published in an upcoming issue of TransWorld SURF.

Just added: Dane's Response…
"I dig Jed but he’s got a certain romance with all things controversial. Sure, this has been on my mind a lot the past few years. it’s not cause the tour aint rad or i don’t like competing, it’s simply wondering what climbing up and down the ratings for the next 10 years of my life is going to benefit. It’s a serious commitment doing the tour for a whole year. that’s 8 months of it right there. i just wonder if i could be doing something more personally fulfilling with that time. i’ve never made a decision and i enjoy going to every event and it’s a shame that Stab wants to exploit me in this way to sell magazines. surely in their article i say some critical things, because for some god forsaken reason i have trouble not saying whats on my mind when a sports writer provokes it, but at this point in time i’ll save my harshest criticism for Stab because this was a sleazy way to advertise they’re upcoming issue."

Dane's frontside slob is second to none on the World Tour. Photo: jackenglish.com

Dane's frontside slob is second to none on the World Tour. Photo: jackenglish.com

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