Daniel Fuller’s “The Lost World” Series Photo Gallery

While most of us know Danny Fuller as the Kauai-bred barrel charger, there's another facet to his life where he’s equally talented—his photography. Born and raised on the Garden Isle and constantly traveling the world in search of the next big drainer, it was a natural progression to start shooting photos of the places he visits and the island he calls home.

And while the photos look like they were taken in the daytime to the untrained eye, they were actually done in the wee hours of the morning using an extra long exposure technique and a fancy Hasselblad camera. Take it from me, Fuller is extremely dedicated to his work—we were recently on Moorea together and after a full day of surfing, he drove to a secluded beach at 11pm on a star-filled night to do his thing while the rest of us slept like babies.—JC

Danny Fuller Daniel Fuller Photography

To check out more of Daniel Fuller's work, go to www.danielfullerphotography.com

"The capabilities of modern technology are vast, and, I feel, it can provide us with a new vision, a new insight, and a new way of looking at a familiar subject. The beauty of the world that surrounds us is not so much in the modern world, but more in the one that has been lost because of our complacency; our refusal to recognize its majesty."— Daniel Fuller.

The Lost World is an exhibition of nine photographs from Daniel Fuller 's Moonscape Series.

The Lost World exhibition examines the planet we inhabit—a world that increasingly exists of opposing forces. Mankind's attempt to capture the rudiments of these forces in a more meaningful and positive manner is the challenge he faces—be it through correcting global warming or environmental policy that honors nature. While technology has been an instrument of beneficial change, all too often, it has been one of ultimate destruction as well. Nature, in contrast, remains constant; a rich tradition linking our past to our future. The Lost World urges us to respect and care for the beautiful world we all call home.
Tripoli Patterson

Bio: Daniel Fuller was born in 1982 in Hanalei, Kauai. He spent his early years surfing the heavy Pacific waves of the Hawaiian Islands, becoming the extreme waterman he is today. At the age of 17, while traveling the world as a model and renowned professional surfer, he began to take advantage of his new experiences and the beauty that surrounded him by documenting the different cultures, peoples and landscapes he encountered.

Fuller soon began to experiment more seriously with the art of photography; taking hundreds of photos, trying different cameras, and getting advice from the professionals that he was working with. He was influenced by various photographers, including the great Ansel Adams and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

The evolution of Fuller 's craft was a natural and organic process for him. He compares the development of his photography to his surfing, in that each photograph is composed of elements of nature and the only way to truly improve is through trial and error.

Two years ago, in the backyard of his house in Hawaii, Fuller took in the beauty of an incredible full moon illuminating the Pacific Ocean. The vision evoked in him a deep curiosity and the determination to preserve it. That night, he photographed a single frame. Later, seeing the proof sheet, Fuller understood the possibilities. It was the catalyst of The Lost World.