Danny Fuller joins the Raen surf team

Danny Fuller joins the Raen team. Photo: Zak Noyle

Danny Fuller joins the Raen team. Photo: Zak Noyle

RAEN is proud to introduce their newest ambassador Danny Fuller to the eyewear brand known for their Handmade & Heartfelt process. He joins a team stacked with individualistic style representative of the RAEN aesthetic. Fuller will fly beside the likes of Alex Knost, Warren Smith, Kassia Meador, Mikey DeTemple, Ellis Ericson, Ford Archbold, Thom Pringle, and Josh Harmony as part of the RAEN 2014 ambassador program.

From his distinguished Pipeline barrel riding skills to his Chanel campaign, Fuller brings to the RAEN ambassadors an incomparable diversity. He has proven himself in the water and in front of the lens for years. This undeniably stylish aesthetic has been translated into a distinct look at life behind the lens. His photography provides a glimpse into his journey across the globe and through everyday adventures. RAEN co-founder and Creative Director Justin Heit is excited to welcome not only Fuller, but his beautiful family to the RAEN family: "I've been a fan of Danny's for a long time now and couldn't be happier to welcome such a creative family to the team. I'm looking forward to seeing what he has in-store for future collaborations and how RAEN can help support his artistic drive."

As Fuller joins the RAEN family, he says he has been a fan of the eyewear brand for some time, and is excited to see where this new adventure leads: "I'm stoked to be a part of the RAEN team and to begin creating within such an inspiring collective of artistic minds." Fuller's photography is on display at Idiosyncratic, located at 1321 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291.

About RAEN
RAEN is a classics-driven brand, aimed at bringing intrinsic value and authenticity to the boutique eyewear market. Our goal is to provide timeless, tangible, quality items that function within our active lifestyles and those of our consumers. We are designers who are determined to continually bring new and innovative products to the marketplace; created for and inspired by the lives we live.