Danny Fuller Pays A Visit

Danny Fuller was in the neighborhood recently, picking up a couple boards from Michael Baron at Byrne Surfboards and checking out some photos from a trip we took to Mexico in September. Now, I’ve known Danny for some time now and suffice to say, the guy is blowing up. The other day at lunch I was flipping through In Style Magazine when I spotted Fuller cavorting on an East Coast beach with some insanely beautiful chicks on a JC Penney sponsored wedding shoot. Modeling pays good money, but Danny’s heart is surfing-and always will be. Having just returned from the grueling Quiksilver Pro Staff Training Camp on the North Shore of O’ahu, Fuller has his sights set on the Coldwater Classic in Santa Cruz, and following that, an epic Pipe season.

TransWorld Surf: So, you just got back from the Quiksilver Pro Staff Training camp at Off The Wall?

Danny Fuller: Yeah, camp Hodgson. It was Tom Carroll and Rob Rowland Smith training the (Quiksilver) team.

What’s a regular day like at the training camp?

Wake up at 5:30 and get yourself together. Start yoga at 5:50 with Carroll, and do that for an hour. If the waves are flat we go straight across the street to the beach and do our exercises. This year, we were fortunate the waves were good because we got to do a lot of surfing. After that we’ll do a tag team relay. They’ll divide us up into four teams, and almost every day we’d have a battle-like surfing event.

At Off The Wall?

Off The Wall, Ehukai, Pipe. It was pretty fun, good laughs.

Who was on your team?

Ola Eleogram, Tommy Holbrook–my wildcard ’cause his dad is on the board, and Peru.


Peru. The Peruvian. Gabriel Villaran. We had a pretty solid team. I think we finished second overall.

Who won?

The green team. Dylan Graves, Cheyne Magnusson, Clay Marzo, and Reef (McIntosh) the Chef. I think there were some butter points there with Reef.

How was Reef’s cooking?

Excellent as always. He was cooking us breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, what a blessing that was.

So what do you guys do after the morning workouts?

We do a lot of other stuff. How to work with the media, water safety, they taught us CPR, which is really helpful. We learned it last year, but to be really on it, you have to take a class every year.

What kind of stuff do they tell you when dealing with the media?

Tom Servais (professional surf photographer) and Bernie Baker (media guru) talked about how to work with photographers, and basically how to take care of work. Like, “Go surf out in front with the photographer, don’t go paddle down the beach. Try to work with ’em and don’t go the opposite way, like I do sometimes.

What’s it like hanging out with Tom Carroll?

It’s really cool. I’ve known him for a couple years now, and every time I see him I just get psyched. He said in that movie ‘Surfers,’ that you have to have the ambition of a fourteen-year-old, and he’s like a little kid in a mans body. He’s more psyched than any guy around. To see him at the age he is, just fuckin’ powering, still doing it, surfing better than anyone-it gets you pretty fuckin’ psyched!

And Rob Rowland Smith, what’s he like?

He’s a training Nazi. No, he means really well and he helps the kids take it to the next level. Some kids complain, “This is such bullshit, I’m so sore! But he trains you so hard that you do much more than you ever thought you could-you would never go out and train that hard by yourself. He takes you to the next level and the next thing you know, you can do things that you never thought you could do.

Who were some of the younger surfers you were impressed with?

I was really impressed with Clay Marzo. He’s really gnarly and I think he’s probably the next huge talent to come out of Hawai’i. I had heard about him for a couple years, and surfed with him last year, but this year I surfed with him a lot and he’s really good.

What do yyou have going on in the next couple of months?

I’m going up to Santa Cruz for the Coldwater, after that I’ll do the Xcel Pro at Sunset. Then it’s the Hawai’i winter season-and I’m psyched on that. I got my boards, and a place to stay at the Quiksilver house, so I’m really excited.

Thanks Danny and good luck.