Day Five Results: 2005 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships

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Top Contending Teams Continue to Demonstrate the Talent of Junior Surfingfrom Around the Globe

Huntington Beach, Calif., October 13, 2005 – Day five of the 2005 QuiksilverISA World Junior Surfing Championships narrowed the field moving into thelast three days of competition as 16 countries were eliminated. Australia,Brazil, Chile, France, Hawaii, New Zealand, South Africa, Tahiti, UnitedKingdom and the USA still maintain on solid footing.

The morning began with round four of qualifying heats for Boys Under 18,Girls Under 18 and Boys Under 16. The competition was taxing as the best ofthe best faced off in grueling 20 minutes heats. Huntington, infamous forits deep middle section, challenged competitors with a very slow sectionworking almost like a barrier, but for those who were able to make theconnection, the judges rewarded substantially.

Boys Under 18 included three intense heats. The first standoff occurredbetween Brazil, Hawaii, USA and France with Eric de Souza of Brazil takingthe win, followed by USA’s Dane Ward in second, France’s Romain Cloitre inthird and Hawaii’s Torrey Meister in fourth. Heat two was another solidbattle as Brazil and South Africa faced members of the USA Surf Team in homecourt advantage. Jordy Smith of South Africa took the lead early with acombination of a 9.0 and a 6.10 but USA Surf Team member Tanner Gudauskascaught up and won the heat with a two-wave score of 15.33, just 0.23 aheadof Smith. USA Surf Team member Nick Rosza and Brazilian Thomas Hermesfinished third and fourth respectively. In heat three Hawaiian Dusty Payneand Brazilian Jefferson Silva took first and second respectively, whileSouth African Clinton Gravett and Morehu Roberts finished third and fourthrespectively and moved down to the repercharges.

In the Girls Under 18, heat one initiated the action with USA, Australia andBrazil facing one another. USA Surf Team member Erica Hosseini edged outthe defending ISA World Junior Champion, Australian Stephanie Gilmore, inheat one of the Girls Under 18, for first and second respectively. Erica’sfirst wave was a 5.83 and then building confidence, she came back and posteda solid 9.0 for her second scoring wave. Teammates Bruna Schimitz andGabriela Teixeira of Brazil finished third and fourth respectively. “Goinginto it, I was a little nervous, knowing it was going to be a really hardheat with everyone going for the gold and having to face the world championand two Brazilians who are just killing it right now,” said Hosseini. “Thecompetition and the time spent with the other countries is amazing. Outsideof the (WQS) tour, there is no other place where you can get this kind ofinternational experience.”

In heat three Hawaiian Coco Ho and USA Surf Team member Karina Petroni tookfirst and second respectively while USA teammate Connie Arias and Tahiti’sAetua Tuahine finished third and fourth respectively. In heat three, theAustralians and the Hawaiians went head-to-head as Lani Hunter and CarissaMoore of Hawaii met Jessica Hickson and Rebecca Oakley of Australia. In alow scoring heat, Hunter prevailed with a two-wave score of 7.60 and JessicaHickson took second with a 5.40. Carissa Moore was unable to move up fromsecond, missing it by 0.04 and Rebecca Oakley, catching only one wave whichgarnered her the highest score of the heat, finished fourth with a 4.83.

In the Boys Under 16 qualifiers, heat one pitted two Aussies against aTahitian and a Hawaiian. Australian Jaime Skillen took first with a solidtwo-wave score of 15.10 leaving Tahitian Niuhi Marere in second placeneeding a 10.0 to take the lead. David Delroy Carr of Australia and GrangerLarson of Hawaii finished third and fourth respectively. In heat two, SouthAfrican Klee Strachman put together a solid 15.77 to win the heat overHawaiian Tonino Benson who finishesecond with a 13.00. And very closebehind, Brazilian Franklin Serpa and Australian Tom Salvenson finished thirdand fourth respectively.

The showdown of the day came in heat three as Quiksilver team rider, ClayMarzo representing Hawaii met up with Brazilians Miguel Pupo and WiggollyDantas and USA Surf Team member Jordan Gaudet. Dantas got on the scoreboardfirst with some early high scores. Being in the right spot and seeminglythe only one able to catch the set waves, he was able to move out in frontof the other competitors, being chased only by his teammate Miguel Pupo.With the heat halfway over, Clay Marzo turned it on with a huge 8.93, whichput him in second place. With only seconds left in the heat, Marzo caughtan outside set wave and connected to the inside, finishing with a big hitoff the top and a well executed tail-slide 360, as if he needed more toadvance. Marzo finished first, Dantas second, Pupo third and Gaudet fourth.

The athletes competing in the repercharges continued to put on a good showas they grinded it out to stay alive in the contest. The Boys Under 18 andGirls Under 18 faced rounds two and three of repercharges and Boys Under 16faced rounds four and five of repercharges.

In round four of the Boys Under 18, Brazilian Jadson Andre continued to wowthe crowds and the judges with his impressive performance, scoring the only10.0 in the contest thus far. Pulling into one of the few set waves, Andrehad a huge hit on the outside re-entering with a big airdrop to go straightup again and almost disappearing in the whitewash. He pulled through,gained momentum and connected to the inside for two more solid snaps on hisbackhand in the shorebreak. The Brazilian team, watching from on shore,were quick to congratulate him – one of his teammates actually ran into thewater to give him a hug before he paddled back out for more action.

Andre has competed in Huntington Beach before and has been part of the ISAcircuit. “This year is better than ever, the competition is much closer,”said Andre. “Many of the teams are on the same level. I knew I was in atough heat and that I was going to have to catch the best wave to advance.”Finishing off with a combined 18.0, Andre comboed the rest of thecompetitors in his heat. Richard Christie from New Zealand came in secondwith a two-wave score of 10.23 and Tim Wrench of Australia and Jose Ramos ofPeru took third and fourth respectively. Wrench was the second Australianto be eliminated in the competition.

In the Girls Under 18 repercharges, Lee-Ann Curren from France continued toadvance, taking second behind Hawaiian Malia Manuel and just making it pastPaige Hareb from New Zealand. Karen Yamamura from Japan finished fourth.Brazil lost its second athlete in the repercharges when team member NathalieMartins lost to Arini Mason and Jessica Santorik of New Zealand.

In the Boys Under 16 repercharges, team USA pulled through with TrevorSaunders and Jeff Lukasik securing solid first places in their heats.Unfortunately, teammate Hunter Heverly was unable to advance and team USAreceived its first elimination today.

Today sealed the fate for many countries as Argentina, Barbados, Canada,Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Jamaica,Japan, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Venezuela all were knockedout of the competition today. Australia, Brazil, Chile, France, Hawaii, NewZealand, South Africa, Tahiti, United Kingdom and USA remain in the race forthe gold.

Conditions are expected to improve tomorrow with the onslaught of anorthwest swell. Competition will begin at 8:00 a.m. with round fivequalifiers for Girls Under 18 with only Australia, Hawaii and the USAcompeting. Repercharges five, six and seven for Boys Under 18 and GirlsUnder 18 and repercharges six and seven for Boys Under 16 will follow. Forcomplete results on today’s competition, live scoring and streaming video,go to For more information on Surfing America andISA, visit and>. For more information on Surfing America andISA, visit and