Day Four Results: 2005 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships

Fading Swell Led to Battles for Waves in a Crucial Day of Competition forMany Scraping Back From theContest Ending Repercharge Heats

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Huntington Beach, Calif., October 12, 2005 — Day four of the 2005 QuiksilverISA World Junior Surfing Championships wasa day of second chances and staying alive as surfers battled back in thegrueling consecutive repercharge heats and roundthree of qualifiers in the Boys Under 16 division. Some were eliminated, butmany others felt the hope that came along withwinning their heats and advancing forward.

Brazil, Hawaii, USA, Australia and South Africa remain at the forefront ofthe competition; however, Tahiti, France and New Zealand continue to be contenders and remain in the competition after today.And despite several successes thus far, Australia, Brazil and Hawaii also received their first eliminations today with eachcountry having one athlete knocked out of competition.

In the spotlight at the main tower, the Boys Under 16 continued with roundthree of qualifiers. The first heat of the morning was a very close race between powerhouse Hawaii, Tahiti, France and the hometeam USA. Going back and forth throughout the heat, Niuhi Marere from Tahiti took the win with a combined two-wavescore of 13.70, a mere 1.53 above second place Tonino Benson from Hawaii. Falling into third was USA Surf Team member JeffLukasik with a combined two-wave score of 11.83, only 0.35 away from second place. Close behind in fourth was MarcLacomore from France who along with Lukasik dropped to the repercharges and will surf again later in the competition.

In heat four, Hawaiians Clay Marzo and Granger Larson worked together to putthe squeeze on Australian Josh Bull and Chilean Manuel Selman. Marzo and Larson took first and second respectively,tightening their grip on the title race. In heat five, USA lost another surfer to the repercharges with Trevor Saunders unable to digout from third. But the USA came back strong in heat six with USA Surf Team member Jordan Gaudet taking off on a wave at thestart of the heat making some big gashes all the way to the inside and setting the pace early with a solid 7.17. He wenton to win the heat with a two-wave score of 14.50.

Rounds two and three of Boys Under 16 repercharges brought some surpriseupsets as the conditions made it a tricky round. In the main area alone, seven interference calls were made throughout thecourse of the day. “The swell is at its lowest and the waves have been popping up very quickly, making it difficult to get inthe right position, said Glen Elliot, ISA heat judge. “Many of the surfers were taking off on the same waves and crossing up. Topcontending teams, Brazil and Hawaii both lost surfers in round two of Boys Under 16 repercharges. However, the Kiwispulled together and made a tremendous showing through round two with all four Under 16 surfers taking first place in theirheats. In the following round only two of the New Zealanders, Billy Stairmand and Paco Divers who took first and secondrespectively, were able to advance.

Going back-to-back, the Under 16 Boys in the repercharge were back in thewater for round three in the late afternoon. Thisround saw surfers from Japan, UK, New Zealand, Portugal, Venezuela, Germany,Peru and USA advance.

Running in unison with the main contest area, the action was heating up overin the secondary contest area further to thesouth. In the morning, the sandbar at the south end picked up the betterwaves and allowed competitors to get six to eightwaves each per heat and more opportunities to secure higher scores. Thesecond round of repercharges for Boys Under 18went down in the morning with an incredible show of talent, leavingspectators scratching their heads in bewilderment aboutwhy certain competitors were in the repercharge heats. A perfect examplecame when Jadson Anndré from Brazil put togethera 17.73 with an unbelievable 9.33 and a solid 8.0, making the highesttwo-wave score of the competition thus far. For manysurfers, it was a fight to stay alive in this contest as the reperchargeswere the last chance to continue on. Another of the bigupsets of the day came in heat four when Australian Thomas Wimmer waseliminated after he was unable to put two wavestogether to earn a high enough score. Wimmer was only able to catch threewaves in the entire heat. Angelo Lozano ofMexico took first in the heat, followed by Adam Thornton of the UnitedKingdom. In spite of the loss, the defendingchampions are still a strong force in this competition with eleven athletesstill in the race.

As the day went on, the south end remained the place to be in spite of thefading swell. Round two of Girls Under 18repercharges ran twelve heats into the end of the day. Lee-Ann Curren,daughter of surfing legend Tom Curren andrepresenting France, stole the afternoon show posting an 8.83, one of thehighest scores for the girls in the competition thusfar. She earned the score on her last wave of the heat with a right-handerout the back that she surfed all the way to the shorewith nice beautiful turns just like her father. Tom Curren was on hand tosupport his daughter who lives in Biarritz, France,the same location where Tom won the first ISA World Junior Title in 1980.

Other teams that advanced through the repercharges for the girls included:Argentina, Peru, Chile, Portugal, Ecuador, Ireland,Venezuela and New Zealand.

Today saw the contest’s first two final eliminations for Dominican Republicand Italy. Of the 28 countries who began thecompetition on Sunday, the following remain: Argentina, Australia, Barbados,Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica,Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Hawaii, Ireland, Jamaica,Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru,Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Tahiti, United Kingdom, United Statesand Venezuela.

In spite of being knocked out of the competition, the camaraderie stillexisted among some of the athletes this afternoon. Anexample of this was seen as a group of kids from various countries, many ofwhom were still in their wetsuits from thecompetition, played a lighthearted game of soccer on the beach just behindthe contest area.

A north swell is expected to show tomorrow as the contest gets underway withround four qualifiers for Under 18 Boys,Under 18 Girls and Under 16 Girls as well as round four repercharge forUnder 16 Boys in the main area while round threerepercharges for Under 18 Boys and Under 18 Girls will be in the secondaryarea. Moving into the afternoon will be roundfive qualifiers for Boys Under 18, Girls Under 18 and Under 16 Boys as wellas repercharge round five for Under 16 Boys inthe main area. Repercharge round four for Under 18 Boys and Under 18 Girlswill take place in the secondary are.Competition will begin at 8:00 a.m. on the south side of the pier.

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