Day One Of The 2003 Boost Mobile Pro Presented By Quiksilver

Day one of the 2003 Boost Mobile Pro presented by Quiksilver was held under sunny, warm skies in head-high surf at Lower Trestles. Although there were some very inconsistent, almost boring heats, the competitors went off and no one was bitten by any of the sharks that have been showing up lately down the beach at San Onofre.

Today’s rounds included the first round and two second-round heats. The first round is like a warm-up round. Basically it’s sixteen three-man heats with the winner advancing to the third round and the second and third place finishers moving to the second round trying to avoid elimination.


It’s kind of funny (or not), but the two surfers interviewed for today’s report didn’t win their first-round heats. WCT veteran Nathan “Noodles Webster got third while Andy Irons lost a close one to Jake “The Snake Paterson. For the complete results and story go to and get the lowdown on the day’s entire happenings. The interviews are below—enjoy.

Andy Irons

Are you feeling any pressure right now being in the lead halfway through? Do you worry about any of that stuff?

I try not to, I’m just doing my thing. I’m not really trying to get all worked up about it. The waves are fun and my boards feel really good right now and I haven’t surfed a heat in a while so I’m really excited actually about this event. Yeah, I’m just looking forward to it.

What’d you do during the long break?

I went on two boat trips. I was in the Mentawais for about three and a half weeks with Billabong and then with Taylor Steele. Both crews were really, really cool and it was a really good time—just got away from it all. No phones, no appointments and I really just got back to the root of it all—just surfing all day.


Sometimes it’s better to do that than going home?

For me, for sure. I go home and I get bothered a lot and a lot of phone calls and things to do—that way I just get away from everything.

When you’re on a boat trip, do you ever worry about injury?(Laughs) No, I try not too. Of course you try to be careful in the middle of nowhere, but, no, it’s notreally one of those things I’m looking for. Once you start thinking about injury, you usually get hurt so I just try to keep it out of my mind.

Are you excited about Hawaii season coming up?

I can’t wait til Hawaii season. It’s my favorite part of the year.

Nathan “Noodles Webster:

How’s the year going so far?

Doing the CT—shithouse. Doing the QS—okay.

What goes through your head when you start having a bad year and it’s getting near the end of it?


I’ve never really had to get too worried getting towards the end of the year. I’ve always been pretty safe by mid-year. I don’t think I’d have the heart to go through with (being without a comfortable requalifying ranking). If I’d ever come down to right of the end of the year I think I’d just crumble. I always try and get it done before. I’ve had a shithouse year on the ‘CT so I’m just looking forward to next year and saving it with one or two results.

You guys just had a lengthy break didn’t you?

I went to the ‘QS through Europe and Japan so I didn’t have no break—no break coming either.

What’s the longest break you get all year?

Chrissy (Christmas), maybe a couple months.

Do you ever get sick of all of it? Does it get so tiring that you tell yourself you’re going home?

Nah, seriously, we get paid good to do f—k all. Really, when you break it down. I do get tired and you do want to go home now and then. I’m getting older now, so I appreciate being away now and the life I have now more than when I was younger. At least now I look at it like, “Well, shit, it might not last forever so suck the marrow out of it while you can.