Day One Results From The Gotcha Pipeline Pro

Ehukai Beach, Hawaii-

The Gotcha Pipeline completed first day of competition in solid six toeightfoot surf with rounds one and two. Throughout the entire day, surfers inthetrials survived the shallow break with standouts Braden Dias, Evan Valiere,Jason Frederico and Makua Rothman.

Dias, from Kauai had the highest total score with a 27.3 out of 30.0possible points. Valiere also from Kauai scored a perfect 10.0 point rideinround two and Frederico and Rothman both “new guard” surfers from the northshore reeled off a 9.83 and 9.88 respectively.

As the tide receded during the afternoon heats one surfer, Benel Eleogramfrom Hana, Maui met head on with the Banzai reef, receiving five stitchesand numerous cut from head to toe as well as a slight concussion.

Waves permitting, the event will continue tomorrow.