Day Two Of The 2003 Boost Mobile Pro Presented By Quiksilver

It’s was hard not to think about sharks while swimming in the lineup during day two of the 2003 Boost Mobile Pro presented by Quiksilver and invaded by the “Man In The Gray Suit. With all the hoopla about the San Onofre shark sightings, it’s hard not to think eerie things. Sitting next to the filmer for Fox Sports in the lineup, he suddenly told me there was supposedly a shark sighting at Lowers last night. So while him and I waited for the next set, he also told me about the electronic shark sensor on his leg that sends out a signal “to keep them away. He was also the same guy who was in the water with Taj Burrow in South Africa when both watched a large shark cruise by just feet away. Apparently his sensor “was out of batteries that day.


Later, contest director Mike Parsons confirmed the story about last night: “Someone freaked out and said they saw a shark last night right before sunset at about 6:30. A bunch of guys scrambled in and said they saw it. They got on the beach and saw a seal and nobody knows for sure and everyone’s a little tense. We put one on (the water camera man’s suit) and we put one on the buoy that sends out an electronic signal within 70 feet of that buoy. So it’s a pretty powerful signal. Whether or not it’s fool proof—it’s better than nothing. The guys swear by them and think they work pretty darn good.

Although better, the waves didn’t seem to get as large as anticipated. Some heats had more lulls than others, but it was still insanely rippable for those who had wave magnets attached to their legs. Oh yeah, and the water was freakin’ cold.

The highlight of the day was courtesy of “The Bruce. Bruce Irons pulled a rabbit out of his hat and upset current world number three surfer Kieren Perrow in the second round. With only a 4.83 under his belt and needing an 8.35, Bruce found a steep, long left and threw backside turns topped with a backside air for an 8.5. Who’s his third round opponent? No other than current World Champ, rival, and brother Andy Irons—a can’t-miss heat tomorrow.


Cory Lopez’s last-ditch effort to copy Bruce failed with a desperate attempt at a backside three that wasn’t good enough to advance him against Toby Martin. Damien Hobgood also suffered a shocker against Brazilian veteran Fabibro Gouveia. For complete round results and photos of dudes ripping, visit the Boost Mobile Pro/ASP website at:, check out this short interview with last year’s event winner Mr. Luke Egan:Are you disappointed that the waves aren’t quite like last year?

I didn’t expect them to—last year was all-time. It would’ve been a miracle if they were as good as last year so—I didn’t really expect it.

As a past winner, do you go into this contest with a different thought process or the same type of attitude?

The same attitude. Last year’s history—now’s the present. It’s whole different year and a whole different attitude.


How’s your year going so far?

Not that good really. I’ve had like five ninths which is the round before the quarterfinals. If I had five quarters I’d be third or fourth so I gotta’ start making quarters to make a difference.

Do you ever get frustrated when you go through a lull?

I suppose it makes you more determined to get there. It does get frustrating, but if you give up you’ll never get there so you gotta’ keep striving.

What’s your favorite event of the year or the one you look forward to the most?

Well, there’s a lot of good events these days so it’s pretty hard for me to pick one at the moment. I enjoy Tahiti, Fiji, J-Bay, and here—Europe’s really good. It’s supe hard to just pick one.V