Dean Bowen Wins Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior

Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior – 2010
Gold Coast, Queensland

Hurley Burleigh Champion Dean Bowen

Australian Surfer Dean Bowen (Gerroa, NSW), today walked away with a world-record professional junior surfing prize of USD$25,000 after claiming the 2010 Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior presented by Nike 6.0.Photo: Surfing Queensland

Australian Surfer Dean Bowen Wins The 2010 Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior! World-Record $25,000USD Winner's Check for Bowen!

Gold Coast Queensland, Tuesday, January 26, 2010: DEAN Bowen (Gerroa, NSW) today claimed the 2010's Grade – 5 Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior claiming a professional junior surfing world-record USD$25,000 winner's check.

Bowen defeated Chris Friend (Alex Headland, Qld) in a seesawing final, which saw Bowen fall behind early, before retaliating with a blistering 9.17 (out of a possible 10) wave, registering a combined two-wave total of 16.17 (out of a possible 20) to Friend's 14.63.

"I'll definitely be having a few drinks tonight with family and friends, and possibly take a quiet little trip to the Gold Coast casino," an excited Bowen, 19, said.

"I'll definitely be having a few drinks tonight with family and friends, and possibly take a quiet little trip to the Gold Coast casino," an excited Bowen, 19, said.

"The Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior is easily one of the best junior surfing events in the world and despite not being able to surf the famous waves of the point this year, its still been a great event and Hurley definitely know how to put on a show," he said.

Meanwhile for Friend, it was a bittersweet day with the likeable natural-footer (left foot forward stance) not quite having enough gas to get him over the line in the final.

"To come so close and not be able to walk away with the USD$25,000 is disappointing, but in saying that placing second is still a great result," Friend said.

"Dean (Bowen) is such a competitor in the water and he's as Aussie as they come, so it's great an Australian walked away with the cash in the end," he said.

With four Australian surfers competing on the final day, the end result was always going to spark patriotic celebrations, however, Bowen's win did spoil the party for the local contingent, as three Queenslanders including Blake Ainsworth (Coolangatta, Qld), Mitch Crews (Currumbin, Qld) and Chris Friend were eliminated in the semi-finals and final respectively.

All is not lost for 19-year-old Mitch Crews, with the Gold Coaster attaining the number-one position atop the ASP Australasia Junior Men's ratings, holding a 770 point lead over his nearest rival Davey Cathels (Narrabeen, NSW).

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Burleigh Pro Junior with plenty of action from the event's Australia Day celebrations.

2010 ASP Australasia Junior Men's Ratings
1. Mitch Crews (Currumbin, Qld) – 4770 points
2. Davey Cathels (Narrabeen, NSW) – 4200 points
3. Dean Bowen (Gerroa, NSW) – 4200 points
4. Chris Friend (Alex Headland, Qld) 3930 points
5. Blake Ainsworth (Coolangatta, Qld) 3390 points

Results – Day Five
Semi-Final One:
Dean Bowen (Gerroa, NSW) 15.67 def Blake Ainsworth (Coolangatta, QLD) 13.66

Semi-Final Two:
Chris Friend (Alex Headland, QLD) 13.03 def Mitch Crews (Currumbin, QLD) 12.23

Dean Bowen (Gerroa, NSW) 16.17 def Chris Friend (Alex Headland, QLD) 14.63

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