Debt Ridden Surfer Goes On Walkabout To Tasmania

You remember Johnny Abegg, right? The Aussie surfer who decided to give the WQS a crack—and pay for the whole thing on credit card? Yeah well he's back. After making a flick called "On Credit" Abegg bailed out on society and posted up on Tasmania for two weeks to "challenge my current existence and be free to think pure thoughts, away from society’s rules and propaganda."  Uhh, okay. Rack up $27,000 in credit card debt and you'd be heading for the hills too…

Johnny Abegg

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Byron Bay surfer Johnny Abegg, renowned for racking up a $27,000 credit card debt trying to make it in the 2005 World Qualifying Series, has embarked on a new project.

Abegg made a film called On Credit about his costly surfing adventure and discovered he had a bit of a talent for film-making.

Just after Christmas he travelled alone to southwest Tasmania and spent two weeks in complete solitude.

“My aim was to challenge my current existence, having questions that needed answering and the only way I could get them (I felt) was by connecting with nature, being free to think pure thoughts, away from society’s rules and propaganda,” he says.

Over the coming months Abegg will release snippets from his journal on johnnyabegg.wordpress .com up until the release of 2 Weeks  a film about his Tasmanian experience.

And no, he still hasn’t paid off his credit-card debt.