Derek Hynd To Launch Alternative Tour

With a new format and judging he hopes to shake things up.

In a meeting held the day after the finals of the Gotcha Pro, Derek Hynd gathered several surf magazine editors and top surfers to announce his plans to launch an alternative pro surfing tour in the year 2000.

The IS Tour, as it’s called, tentatively will consist of six stops. The locations will possibly include Chile, Australia, South Africa, and the West and East Coasts of the United States. Hynd says he has a private investor who is putting up at least five-million dollars for a three-year commitment to the tour.

The events will focus more on made-for-TV and -video formats, as opposed to worrying about crowds on the beach. Because of this, each event will have a proposed waiting period. ASP judges and judging criteria won’t be used, instead opting for judging categories such as power moves and aerial surfing. Payouts will be generous. Winners will take home 20,000 dollars, with 15,000 going to second place, and third taking 12,000, and so on.