Destination: North Shore of O’ahu


North Shore Of O’ahu

Where: On the northwest shore of the Hawai’ian island O’ahu

What: Every possible type of wave from the rippable Ehukai beach park to deadly 40-foot outer reefs and everything in between.

When: The first swells usually arrive in late September and pound the shoreline until April, with December and January typically the biggest months.


Why: The history. The North Shore of O’ahu is the most famous surfing zone in the world, and you aren’t complete as a surfer until you get raked across the reef at V-Land, barreled at Backdoor, and take a ten-foot west peak at Sunset on the head.


How: The five-hour flight from Los Angeles will cost you around 300 to 500 dollars. Land in Honolulu and either rent a car or find a ride to the North Shore, 45 minutes away.

Best Place To Stay: At a bro’s house. If you’re bro-less, check the message board at Pupukea Foodland for rooms to rent. Backpackers, located near Waimea, is an affordable place to crash and has Internet access.

Best Place To Eat: Taste Of Paradise, Sunset Pizza, and Ted’s Bakery are all affordable and tasty. Lei Lei’s and Breakers are more pricier; but really good.

Best Place To Meet Ladies: During the day, prowl around Ehukai beach park and Sunset Beach—there are scantily clad hot chicks all over the place. After dark the options drop quickly, but hit up Breakers in Hale’iwa for some prospects.

Crowd Factor: The major spots—Pipeline, Rocky Point, Sunset, etc.—get ridiculously packed but get out early, or find yourself somewhere out of the way—either way, you can score uncrowded perfection.

Stuff To Bring: An entire quiver for all the different sizes and shapes of waves, a lightweight wetsuit jacket for the dawn patrol, sunscreen, tropical wax, and your hands so you can throw shakas.


If The Surf Is Flat: Rent a tanker and go surf in the shadow of Duke in Waikiki, hit up one of the many free skateparks on the island, cave dive at Sharks Cove, or just chill at Waimea Bay—another great place to scope the opposite sex.