Destinations: Mundaka, Spain



The central northeast corner of Spain.


The longest left in Europe.


October through April.


You can eat squid, dance with Spanish goddesses, and stand up in endless barrels all in one day.


Fly into Bilbao and take the bus to Mundaka. The flight takes about seventeen hours (from L.A.) and costs around 600 dollars (in the winter).


Best Place To Stay: The Isla Kale Hostel behind the little church you see in all the photos. Fifteen dollars pays for a room, breakfast, an indoor soccer field, and backpacking honeys. If you've got the cash, check out the Hotel El Puerto located right on the harbor. You can get a double room with an irie view of the lineup for 85 bucks.

Best Place To Eat: Sorry, there's no McDonald's, but the Txopos bar by the harbor makes a mean burger. If you're craving surf and turf, head to El Casino. Expect to spend ten to 30 dollars each day for food.

Best Place To Get All Liquored Up Like An Old Basque Sailor: There're 25 bars in Mundaka and only 1,700 people. If you can't find a cheap place to drink, you're a dumbass. Txopos is a favorite for traveling pros.

Crowd Factor: The lineup gets pretty damn crowded when it's breaking. The locals rule the peak and take all the sets. The best thing you can do is be patient, know the tides, and keep smiling. Getting just one of those dredging pits makes it all worthwhile.

Female Factor: Mundaka is a tourist town, so the local girls have seen and heard it all before. Lying about being a pro surfer won't get you squat, but being macho is money. Pretend you're tough, and leave that sensitive crap at home.

Stuff To Bring: You'll need warm clothes, a fullsuit, and booties. Packing spare boards is highly recommended. Surfboards are a precious commodity in Mundaka, and selling one to a local will get you plenty of kudos. Not selling one may get you blackballed.

If The Surf's Flat: You're in Spain. Your options are endless. The Basque country is loaded with history, culture, and kick-ass bars. Check out the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the painted forest in Gernika, and don't come home without at least one crazy story about the pumping-full-of-crazy-hot-señoritas city of San Sebastian.

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