Destinations: Puerto Escondido. Mexico’s meanest beachbreak awaits you.


Where: Southern Mexico, in the state of Oaxaca.

What: Massive sand-bottom tubes.

When: Big and gnarly April through September, smaller and cleaner the rest of the year.

Why: It’s offshore until 11:00 a.m. every day, there are tons of surfer-hungry Euro chicks to bag, and the waves up and down the coast are magical.

How: Fly directly into Puerto Escondido. It’s a five-hour flight from L.A. or Tijuana and usually costs around 600 bucks.

Best Place To Stay: Zicatela Bungalows are right in the heart of all the action and get pretty exciting with a mixture of frothing Brazilians, hard-partying Californians, and curious girls.

Best Place To Eat: The food is an awesome fusion of Mexican, Oaxacan, and international flavors. Try La Gota De Vida, an excellent all-natural restaurant located right next to the Zicatela Bungalows. Just about everywhere is decent—just don’t drink the tap water.

Best Place To Lock Lips With A Sexy Mexi: The Barfly in town is a classic—two stories of tequila, cerveza, mojitos, and Latin heat. If you get denied there, go across the street and check out the Wipeout, a multi-level discotheque that packs ’em in until 4:00 a.m. When all else fails, try the seedy bars on the beach—they don’t close until six.

Crowd Factor: Paddle out early, or else you’re gonna watch all the local boys get barreled while you get sunburned. The crowds can get intense and frustrating, but keep your eyes peeled because a ten-foot bomb can come out of the offshore submarine canyon and right to you at any time.

Stuff To Bring: Rash guards, trunks, tropical wax, sunscreen, and condoms (the Mexican ones are awful). Don’t worry about a bunch of leashes—you won’t need ’em at the beachbreak. It’s also a good idea to bring some Spanish language skills—a little local color goes a long way.

If The Surf’s Flat: Party, party, party. The bars are nuts, and the heat makes people do crazy things like dance on tables, kiss strangers, and swim naked at night. If you want to do something a bit more culturally enlightening, try going to Monte Alban, a beautiful ancient site located in nearby Oaxaca City.

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—Justin Cote