DHD Surfboards Releases The Mick Fanning Coffee Bean

May 8, 2008 : – – ‘Let’s call it the Coffee Bean ‘cuz you’ll need 2 cups of coffee before you ride this one to keep up it’ll go so fast’ said Mick Fanning after DH and he collaborated on the design of a new step down board for Mick to ride on the less than perfect days. Enter the latest addition to the DHD range and a new Mick Fanning model released by the world champ.

The ‘MF Coffee Bean’ is designed to be the board you turn to from your all rounder for those smaller, weaker days. It should be ridden 1-2 inches shorter and around ¼ -½ an inch wider than your regular board with a little fuller rail as a step down.

Mick’s super fast rocker and a much deeper single to double concave combined with extra width throughout creates a board that gets up and runs earlier. The added rail outline makes it turn on a shorter radius to perfectly fit the transitions of smaller waves.

The ‘Coffee Bean’ is available in stock dimensions from 5’10 x 18 ½ through to 6’4 x 19 1/8 and as a custom order via any BASE stocklist.

Base Surfboards.com