Did surfer Matt Meola just land a 540 or 720?; video

It seems the debate in calculating the proper degrees of surfing airs is going to continue to annoy both sides of the issue.

Some feel it should be counted like it is in snowboarding or skating, where just by hitting the transition (going into the air) gives you 180 degrees because ultimately you come down switch even if you don’t rotate. Others feel that only the actual degrees of the rotation in the air should be what counts.

Wherever you stand on the controversy, we can all agree that the ending air from Maui pro surfer Matt Meola in his new edit “Numb” is one of the deadliest spins a surfer has landed. See the 3:58 mark in the video below to see Meola’s controversial air.

Meola himself is referring to the maneuver as a 540-to-revert-720, along with SURFER and Surfline. But Surfline did also initially dub it a 720.

The opposition, most notably made up of skateboarders and snowboarders who have laid the foundation of naming airs, think Meola’s move is a 720 reverted into a 900. According to pro snowboarder Pierre Wikberg on Facebook, “If you spin another 180 and land nose first (even if it’s a 790 degree rotation) it’s a 900. You round up to the next 180 cause that’s the skate/snowboard trick you’re emulating.”

So what do you think? Are these airs with a spin-and-a-half 540s or 720s? This discussion isn't going to end anytime soon, seeing as both sides appear to be extremely entrenched in their viewpoints.

With the level of surfing airs exponentially evolving by the minute (i.e. see Mikey Wright’s McTwist), the debate will only continued to get more heated on the internet.

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