Donavon Frankenreiter Croons At Martini Ranch

Fans dipped into Encinitas’ Martini Ranch last night to watch pro surfer cum crooner Donavon Frankenreiter perform acoustic songs with his new crew of troubadours, the aptly named Donavon Frankenreiter Band (

The band played its mellow, harmonious, if not agreeable melodies for an hour and a half in front of dozens lounging on the Ranch’s couches or throwing game at the bar. “It’s good bar music — mellow,” said one observer. “It’s not something you’d get up and dance to, but it’s not offensive, either.”


The show was presented by Steelehouse Events, which has more on tap for this weekend. Tomorrow, Steelehouse will produce the first National Surf League showdown between high schools. The NSL debuted its first “Game” last November between hyped up squads representing Orange County and San Diego County.

In tomorrow’s high-school battle, the top eight surfers from Encinitas’ San Dieguito High face the best eight from La Jolla High at Pacific Beach Drive in PB. The three-hour contest begins at 9:00 a.m.

The Game’s format, developed by Brad Gerlach, consists of four quarters with two heats per quarter. Each team will have eight players split into two squads. Unlike standard contests where individuals paddle battle for priority for sets, teammates surf at the same time and help each other get the best waves.