Donovan Frankenreiter Now On Surf Prescriptions

Surf Prescriptions is happy to announce that Donavon Frankenreiter has signed on to ride for Surf RX! Doc has been making a few boards here and there for Donny and he’s been pretty stoked — but after the 70’s style single fin swallow tail with purple tint and glitter Donny was over the top!


Surf Prescriptions would also like to congratulate Brad Gerlach on his amazing approach to the giant waves of Cortez Banks, 100 miles from San Diego. Gerr and three other pro surfers towed into history.

Aaron Chang — who shot photos from the back of a jetski said during the Cortes session, says,”I have seen a lot of big wave surfing, but I’ve never seen big-wave performance surfing like Brad’s.”

To see the 7’2″by 16″ by 11 1/2″, sixteen-pound pumpkin-colored tow board Gerr rode into history, go to