“DOWN THE LINE” – Surf Talk Radio Airs World Wide

April 13, 2008 – – – Surf talk radio is live. “DOWN THE LINE” is surf talk radio on Clear Channel XTRA Sports 1360AM. SURFER Magazine’s online editor Scott Bass is the show’s creator, producer and host. The show is co-hosted by former top 10 ASP WCT star and surf industry stalwart Marty Thomas.

“DOWN THE LINE” provides entertainment, insight and information about the world of surfing. The show features great interviews, surf trivia with prizes, FANTASY SURFER insight, WCT Dream Tour analysis, the top surf stories of the week, and listener phone calls; all with a spirited dose of irreverence. “DOWN THE LINE” airs every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. PST and is also available live via web streaming at www.

Bass has been working in the talk radio arena for over four years. In 2004 he created and produced SURFER Magazine’s surf talk radio podcast, “IN THE LINE-UP.” In 2006, he found synergy on the terrestrial airwaves for SURFER Magazine’s show on San Diego’s FREEFM. The program director at XTRA Sports heard the show and asked Bass to come aboard. Bass then created “DOWN THE LINE” which is the ONLY surf talk radio show on terrestrial airwaves.

“We understand surfers. Surfers want to talk surf,” explained co-host Thomas. “The only thing ‘DOWN THE LINE’ is extreme about is our commitment to surfers.”

“We don’t talk about in-line skating or bungee jumping or MOTO X,” explained Bass. “Well, I take that back, actually Marty and I talk about anything, but it’s just as likely that we’ll talk about recliners and flat screens. I’m into extreme relaxing.”

Bass and Thomas are well connected in the surfing industry, and “DOWN THE LINE” guests include a who’s who in the surf world; Jamie Sterling, Greg Long, Ben Bourgeois, Nat Young and Sunny Garcia to name a few.

The live streaming capability means the show gets rather lively, as callers and email from all over the country get involved talking surf. “We have callers from Oklahoma, Florida, and up and down the West coast,” explained Bass. “Surfing is a passion and Marty and I help fuel the fire and, occasionally, we’ll throw a bucket of water on it.”

STREAMING ON THE WEB – Listen Live 8am PST Sunday Morning

RADIO DIAL in San Diego – XTRA Sports 1360AM

PODCAST – listen anytime

EMAIL Surftalksandiego@Gmail.com

CALL-IN LINE (619) 570-1360