Drive Thru Australia Teasers

“Doing the Drive Thru is gnarlier than the WQS. It’s fourteen days straight of ‘go here, do this, surf that, jump out of that plane.’ It’s all about cars, airports, interviews, early mornings, late nights, long drives, and lots of hurry up and wait – the TV shows don’t do it justice. It looks so fun, but it’s a grind. A fun grind, but still a grind.” – Andy Irons, Drive Thru Virgin

To read the full story and see photos from the entire fourteen days, pick up the September issue of TransWorld SURF, which hits newsstands July 21st.

What: Drive Thru Australia World Premiere
When: Thursday July 16th, 2009
Where: La Paloma Theatre – Downtown Encinitas, CA
Times: 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
TransWorld SURF's Chris Cote will host with tons of product giveaway and the Drive Thru Crew in attendance.