Drive Thru Australia World Premiere At La Paloma Goes Nuts


Maybe it was because it's mid summer and the kids are frothing for a surf flick, maybe the Drive Thru article in TransWorld SURF got people all psyched, maybe Koastal Media did an amazing job of promoting the premiere, or, maybe Drive Thru is the most loved surf flick franchise ever! Either way, last nights world premiere at La Paloma Theater in Encinitas was off the hook! Both shows (7:00 and 9:00) were beyond sold out and the crowd of kids, teenagers, adults, locals, tourists, guys, girls, moms dads, and everyone in between were going crazy for the Drive Thru.

The obligatory product toss set each premiere of with a near riot and once the movie started, the hoots and hollers began. Every time a new Drive Thru comes out the easiest thing to say is "This is the best one yet", but in the case of Drive Thru Australia, it rings true. With Greg Browning hunkering down in the editing bay for the first time, I was worried, but as he always does, the movie worked perfectly and came out amazing. The surfing was well-rounded and featured hunks of heaving closeout, perfect beachbreaks, and tubing shallow reefs. The banter and comedy was tight and not overwhelming, and any time you get the chance to see Occy in his element, you know you've got something special.

I've been to about 100 film premiere's at La Paloma and last night's vibe was one of the best I've ever felt. Great job Drive Thru crew, and great job to surf fans of the Encinitas who came in full force to the legendary surf flick spot, La Paloma Theatre.—Chris Cote