Drive Thru Box Set Featuring Donavon, Benji, And Crew Available Thanksgiving Weekend

Encinitas, Ca. November 18, 2008 – Koastal Media Distribution is pleased to announce the launch of 14 Day Production's Limited Edition Drive Thru Box Set. This holiday 2008 release will be a perfect gift for all Drive Thru Series fans and a great introduction to the series for those who want to experience the "Drive Thrus"  from the beginning back in California. The box set includes the first 6 Drive Thru adventures as the crew searches for waves in California, Japan, Australia, South and Central America, Europe, and South Africa.

Drive Thru California (2002) features: Donavon, Timmy Curran, Barney, and Greg Browning.

Drive Thru Japan (2003) features: Benji, Donavon, Rob Machado, and Barney.

Drive Thru Australia (2004) features: Rob Machado, Donavon, Benji, Dean Morrison, and Steve Irwin.

Drive Thru South Central America (2004) features: Shane Dorian, Kalani Robb, Donavon, Ozzie Wright, and Benji.

Drive Thru Europe (2005) features: Kelly Slater, Pat O, Ry Craike, Benji, and Rizal Tanjung.

Drive Thru South Africa (2006) features: Donavon , Benji, Pat O, Noodles, Mike Losness, and Martin Potter.

Available in all surf shops Thanksgiving weekend 2008.