Drive Thru: West Oz Update From The Road

Pat O'Connell's Drive-Thru West Oz Update

Five days into it, and Pat O'Connell still doesn't have any great surf stories to tell from his Drive-Thru West Oz trip. But he's with good friends (Occy, Shane Dorian, Benji Weatherley, Donavon Frankenreiter, and Andy Irons) and good wine. Which means, of course, that perfect waves are just around the corner. Here's Pat's latest dispatch from the best film series in surfing:

"Starting to see the first sign of the sun in four days and it can’t come fast enough. I’m the most upbeat person in the world, but I’ve duck-dove 15 times more than bottom turned and that ratio needs to swing around quickly…" says Pat O.

"Yesterday, Occy, Donavon and I surfed small Rabbit Hill and then our crew headed off to the famed West Oz wineries for lunch. Occy is a national hero so wherever we go, we're first class. When we turned up for lunch, the place was closed but then they saw Occy and in two seconds, bottles of wine were flowing and Occy was in the kitchen cooking up pizzas," he adds.

"The forecast is looking better for the weekend so let's pray for surf!"—Pat O
Mark Occhilupo Drive Thru West Oz

A frother of the highest order, Occy is the oldest guy on the Drive Thru and surfs more than anyone…except Pat O’Connell.

Mark Occhilupo Drive Thru West Oz

Whether it be Huntington or Hossegor, Rabbit Hill (pictured) or Rockies, Occy is the most beloved surfer on Earth.

Donovan Frankenreiter Drive Thru West Oz

The “Disciples Of Donovan” coming to an arena near you soon…