Drone delivers sushi to surfer who eats sushi while getting barreled; video

In a digital world where it can sometimes feel like everything under the sun has been done (and put on video), it’s always nice to come across a reminder that there are still creative people out there thinking outside of the box, like Fred Compagnon who is building wooden snowboard-like alaias and surfing them off SUPs in France.

Well, we’ve got a new one for you today: food delivery via drone to the lineup. But that’s not all: it also includes eating the food while getting barreled.

Surfer Pedro Boonman partakes in a commercial for Portuguese sushi restaurant Home Sweet Sushi by receiving a sushi delivery while out in the lineup via drone. Boonman then proceeds to show off his impeccable chopsticks skills by getting a wave and holding a piece of sushi while in the barrel.

While we’ve seen food delivery to the lineup when Kolohe Andino “ordered” Pizza Hut at Teahupoo, sushi is a much more meta food for eating while bobbing around in the ocean. And don’t forget about Alex Gray eating tacos in the barrel.

This one is definitely the more creative approaches to satiating hunger while surfing.

Ever eat sushi while getting barreled?

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