Drop Zone: Fiji Available On iTunes

Drop Zone: Fiji Available On iTunes

Redondo Beach, CA – July 26, 2011 – Starting August 15th, 2011 the second installment of Body Glove's award winning Drop Zone series, Drop Zone: Fiji will be available on Apple's iTunes.

Drop Zone: Fiji produced by Body Glove, PADI, Air Pacific, Sport Diver Magazine and TransWorld SURF and featuring Holly Beck, Cheyne Magnusson, Alex Gray, Maria del Mar and WCT surfer Bede Durbidge, aired in over 100,000 homes on Fuel TV will be available for download on your desktop, laptop, iPad and smart phone.

"Our purpose was simple," said Body Glove's VP of Marketing, Scott Daley, "we wanted to show a whole new generation the awesomeness of surfing and diving. Releasing the Drop Zone: Fiji on iTunes opens this film up to the world and showcases what amazing athletes we have and the incredible hospitality of the Fijian people."

This award winning film follows four world-class surfers-turned-divers on an adventure through the waters surrounding the island of Fiji. The crew heads out in search of pristine dive locations and chase down some of the most epic surf on the planet. They head to Tavarua to surf the world famous Cloudbreak and SCUBA dive with bull sharks, vibrant fish, and friendly turtles. The lush environment provides rich entertainment and spawns an unlikely new duo. Through this remarkable journey, the crew gets to know the true Fijian culture by interacting with the islanders as well as the environment they have truly come to appreciate.

For more information on Drop Zone: Fiji or Drop Zone: Tahiti go to the Drop Zone Series Fan Page. You can find additional information on Body Glove athletes and products at www.bodyglove.com.

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