Dude Cruise Movie Of The Week Download


It’s true that there are only three guys on the elite DC surf team. But between Bruce Irons, Dane Reynolds, and Ry Craike, who else do even need in a surf movie these days? Combined, the crew stands at the forefront of modern progressive surfing. The boys have earned a rep as some of the best rippers on the planet, all the while keeping unique styles in and out of the water.

It’s those unique out-of-the-water styles that make Dude Cruise so damn interesting. We all know that sometimes on surf trips (or a Dude Cruise, as we’ve dubbed this one) things can get weird with a strange brew of testosterone, cabin fever, and ale. Dude Cruise offers a look at the type of weirdness that goes down with individuals like Bruce, Dane, and Ry in the mix, plus, of course, plenty of footage of the boys shredding spots worldwide.

Dude Cruise also serves a new take the standard surf video; you know, the atypical two-minute quick-edit parts seen in nearly every surf flick out there. Directed by Matt Beauchesne (previously residing in Taylor Steele’s camp, now heading up Irons Bros. Productions), Dude Cruise shows sessions start to finish, not just the banger clips, to offer a more realistic look at what happens when you’re just out with your friends having a good time.