Dustin Barca Giveaway Winner Announced

Dustin Barca Giveaway

Congratulations to 25-year old Blake Frenkiel from Newport Beach, California! Blake won the massive pile of ASP World Tour surfer Dustin Barca’s gear with this winning caption to the question, “What would you do to get ripped like Barca?”

Blake’s winning caption: “I'll start each morning off by beer bonging some Muscle Milk because that stuff is the shit. I'll then be so juiced for a surf I'll run to the beach and surf until I puke Muscle Milk… After getting shacked all day I'll run down a wild boar, kill it, throw it on my back and carry that piece of meat back to the house for a good eat while drinking a man soda.”

For his prize Blake’s gonna pick up a brand Timmy Patterson surfboard, sunglasses and gear from Oakley, some Tamba Surf Shop schwag, Famous wax, traction, and leash, a set of Future Fins, and a box of Muscle Milk. Congrats again to Blake, and remember, people really win on transworldsurf.com!