Dustin Barca Interview

From Kilauea, Kaua’i, meet Dustin Barca.

TransWorld SURF: So, what’s going on in BarcaWorld?

Dustin Barca: BarcaWorld (laughs). Just trying to get some good trips going, do my job, and surf the best waves I can, while I still can do it for free.

Doesn’t that kind of go against your WQS (World Qualifying Series) aspirations?

Right now I’m not too pumped on the ‘QS. Everywhere you go it’s like $1,000 just for your hotel or place to stay. I just don’t make enough money to pay for it. I’m trying to work on video parts, doing some stuff with Josh Williams for his movie, Burn.

Besides your great surfing, you’re kind of known for a missing front tooth. What’s the story behind that?

The front tooth, that costs money, too.

How’d you lose it?

My fin knocked it out. Full leash slingshot, my board pretty much blasted it out of my gums. I was surfing far away from anywhere, back home on Kaua’i. After it happened, I was running down the beach, just thinking that I didn’t have any teeth left. This one (points to his other front tooth) was sticking straight out and broken in half and my gums were pretty ripped up, too.

You’ve kind of made it your trademark though.

Yeah, I think Oakley likes it.

I heard you burnt your hand badly. Is that why you’re sporting that glove?

Yeah, the glove protects the burn from the sun.

How’d you do it?

Cooking oil. We were making beer battered fried fish and the pot caught on fire. I grabbed the pot, went over by the door and opened it. The wind kinda blew in and the fire was swished onto my hand. Flames were coming off my hand like three feet high. I flicked my hand and everything came off–flames, skin, everything. Kamalei (Alexander) said it was the gnarliest scream he’s ever heard.

Well it’s good to see you bouncing back. Being from Kaua’i, where the locals definitely protect the waves, what are your thoughts on localism?

Personally, I think it’s needed. Just to keep it safe, keep it respectful. Being from somewhere that’s localized, when I go anywhere in the world, I feel like I give people the utmost respect when I go to their homes. I think it’s good because it teaches you a lot about respect. Some people would argue with that, though.

Would you agree that it can be taken too far sometimes?

Oh yeah. I hear about guys up at Lunada Bay up in L.A. fu-kin’ slashing peoples tires, mobbing people and shit, I’ve never seen that shit at home. At home, if you’re an idiot, someone’s gonna tell you something, you might get slapped or something, depends on what people you’re dealing with. It seems like everywhere has localism, especially in California. That’s what I think about localism.

What can we expect out of the Kauai boys this winter on the North Shore?

Expect a lot.

I do.

There will be more Kaua’i boys on the North Shore than ever. Everyone’s just really focusing on their surfing careers.

So you guys have to go over there to get exposure?

Yeah. O’ahu is the surfing capitol of the world, and it’s only twenty minutes away so we capitalize on that.

Well, good luck with the hand, the ‘QS, photo trips, and we’ll see you on the North Shore. Probably at Backdoor pulling in deep, right?

You know that, better than ever next year!