DVS Team News

Wild Child, Chris Ward makes final in his first ever ASP Foster’s World Championship Tour (WCT) contest. The Quiksilver Pro presented by Boost Mobile took place at Snapper Rocks, Australia, March 1-13, 2005. After three trying years where he barely missed qualifying for the WCT, Wardo finally realized his boyhood dream of surfing against the world’s best. Arriving in dramatic fashion, Wardo used his deep arsenal of maneuvers — aerials, carving 360’s, power snaps, tube riding, floaters, you name it — in his heats to beat Kalani Robb, Taj Burrow, Troy Brooks, Kelly Slater and Tom Whitaker before eventually placing second behind Mick Fanning. In his first ever man-on-man heat against Robb, Wardo scored the Quiky Pro’s only perfect 10-point ride after he punted a huge frontside air followed by three huge snaps. “I did pretty good huh, I’m second in the world! A happy Wardo said afterward. Wardo won $16,000.00 for his efforts — go Wardo!

Wardo was also featured on page 114 in the March 14th issue of ESPN Magazine where the bad boy of surfing was highlighted for qualifying for the 2005 WCT and being a dark horse for the world title!

A Dingo Ate the Expression Session

Also during the Quiksilver Pro, DVS’s newest family member, Dean Morrison popped a perfectly executed ‘alley-oop’ to win $2,000 in the Foster’s Expression Session for best maneuver. Both Morrison and Shane Beschen finished =17th with Cory Lopez finishing =33rd in the year’s first WCT event. The crew is on its way down to Bells Beach, Australia for event #2 of the WCT, the Rip Curl Pro.

‘Step Into Summer’

The 2005 DVS sandal line is here and it is better than ever. Head to your nearest retailer and try a pair on and feel the difference. Chris Ward, Cory Lopez, Shane Beschen, Dean Morrison and Gabe Kling were putting the new sandal line to the test during the year’s first WCT event in Australia. “They are so soft and comfortable, a stoked Wardo said.