DVS Team News

Dean Morrison Joins DVS

DVS is very proud to announce that Dean Morrison has joined its surf team. In case you aren’t familiar with Dean or Dingo or Deano as he’s nicknamed, he hails from the Gold Coast of Australia and was mentored by 1978 world champion, Wayne “Rabbit Bartholomew. He surfs the Super Bank at Snapper Rocks on a daily basis (when he’s home) with his two best mates, Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning. He’s a three year WCT veteran with a big win in 2003 at the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks which pushed him to his highest rating to date on the WCT of 10th in the world. “Dean is a dream addition to our team and we are all very stoked that he is joining our family, said Brandy Faber, DVS surf brand manager. Dean also shows up in every video with insane clips in Matt Gye’s 3-Degrees and Poor Specimen’s Momentum – Under the Influence. Deano is a polished, smooth, styling charger! Look for Dean’s debut DVS ad in the near future. Good luck this year Dean!

Chasing The Title

With Dean Morrison joining the team, DVS now has four riders looking for a World Title. Morrison joins Cory Lopez, Chris Ward and Shane Beschen in the hunt this year on the 2005 WCT. After a hard fought charge to the WCT, Chris Ward signed a new five-year deal with DVS. Other athletes that re-signed for 2005 and beyond are: Shane and Gavin Beschen, Pat O’Connell, Mike Todd, Gabe Kling, Jon Rose and Micah Byrne.

Gony the Spanish Slasher

Spanish surfer, Gony Zubizarreta also joins the DVS surf team and will be “The Guy representing DVS in Europe. At 19 years-old and from Vigo, Spain, Gony burst onto the international scene when he came out of nowhere to win the World Grommet Title in 2002, becoming the first Spanish surfer to win a world title. Since that time he has gone onto numerous high placements on the European WQS and Pro Junior circuits. With a recent interview in Europe’s Surfer Rule Magazine, Gony has his sights set on all the 2005 WQS and international Pro Junior tours.

Lopez Beats Slater!

Straight out of the 2005 contest gates, Cory Lopez lit Florida up by beating six-time world champion, Kelly Slater, Aaron Cormican and Ben Bourgeois in the WQS 3 StarGlobe Sebastian Inlet Pro. It had been twelve years since a major pro event was staged at Sebastian Inlet, which also happens to be Slater’s stomping ground. That makes Lopez’s victory all the more impressive, imagine beating the greatest surfer in history at his home spot! We must mention that Lopez did spend much of his grommethood at the Inlet as well so, he’s no stranger to the line-up! The road wasn’t easy for Lopez either as he broke two boards on the final day and had to surf past fellow WCT’ers Damien Hobgood and Tim Curran. Not bad on a board that he never even waxed up before the event. Besides bragging rights, Lopez also took home $7,000 and a brand new Sea Doo for his efforts.

Wipeout Of The Decade

Visit www.dvssurf.com and listen to a live audio interview with Flea about getting “slapped by Eddie! First the Flea-Peat, now the Flea-Fall, it’s becoming a bit of a Flea-for-all!

Band Together

DVS is doing its part to support Surf Aid International by purchasing fundraising wristbands for its staff and team riders. ‘Band Together’ wristband sales will go towards Surf Aid’s Tsunami Relief efforts in South East Asia. DVS is encouraging everyone to wear the ‘Band Together’ wristbands to help spread the word and encourage more donations and wristband purchases. DVS will also include the ‘Band Together’ logo on all upcoming surf ads as well as a link on the DVS surf site. Visit www.surfaidinternational.org for more information, to make a donation or purchase a wristband.