Dying Shark Found On Miami Train

To actually see what I'm assuming are two crackheads dragging a shark through the streets of Miami would have been amazing! Only in Miami…you gotta read this one:

Nurse Shark

A nurse shark in it’s natural environment…not downtown Miami.

As reported on www.cnn.com

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — Something fishy’s going on in Miami, and police and Florida wildlife officials said they’re trying to get to the bottom of it.

After a short ride on Miami’s elevated Metromover train, a dead shark turned up in the middle of the street, in the middle of the city, in the middle of the night, police said.

Police were called about 9 p.m. Tuesday and found the 5-foot-long nurse shark lying on Fifth Avenue in Miami’s Overtown section. How the shark got there — and why — is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

The mystery began Sunday when a Metromover passenger took a photo of the shark, bleeding and gasping, as it lay on the floor of the train. The passenger sent the photo to CNN affiliate WSVN-TV in Miami-Fort Lauderdale.

The shark turned up dead on the street, covered with flies, on Tuesday.

Police and wildlife officials said two men, whom they described as vagrants, took the shark on the Metromover after failing to sell it at several fish markets.

David Gil, who works at the Casablanca Fish Market, said the men approached him. “Two guys pulled up on a bicycle; they were both riding and were dragging the shark,” Gil told CNN. “They said it was like 16 feet and about 600 pounds, but when I went out to take a look at it, it was tiny. I’d say it was about 5 feet and about 75 pounds.”