Dylan Longbottom’s Brother Breaks His Neck Surfing In Mentawais

As reported on surfinglife.com.au

Older brother of professional surfer Dylan – Darren longbottom was recently in a serious accident on a boat trip in the Mentawi’s Islands.

Dazwas surfing a left-hander at around a comfortable 4 feet , when he bailed off the back of a wave that was closing out. This is when things turned for the worse, as he bailed he shot high in the air and fell awkwardly, landing head-first into his board, breaking it into a clean two pieces, and unfortunately also breaking  the c5 and c6 vertebra in his neck.

Daz was left bobbing in the water with no way of keeping his head above water and was in serious trouble. Luckily he was pulled up from the water by Ian Stewart (that was on the jet ski at the time).Other surfers from the line -up also came to the aid of Darre helping him get onto the ski’s sled and then stabilized him on the deck of the boat.

Luckily, two French doctors were aboard another boat, and were soon on hand to help with the stabilsation of the injured Aussie. With 18 hours passed, Darren was transported by helicopter to the main-land, then a plane to Singapore hospital where he under went an emergency surgery to his neck.

Darren now has slight movement in his hands, but is still battling for sensation from the chest down. Doctors were optimistic with the surgery, but mentioed that with the amount of bruising surrounding the area it will be hard to make an accurate judgement at the moment. Things should improve more once the swelling and bruising subsides.

Transworld SURF would like to send out our best wishes and heartfelt prayers to Darren and the Longbottom family.

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