Ear 4.1

TransWorld SURFFile: Ear (formerly Remix)Vol. 4#1

C AverageSecond RekoningKill Rock StarsThe two-piece rock annihilation squad known as C Average have jumped back into the leather saddle of rock and roll! With this new album, John on strings and Brad on drums have once again served up another heapin’ hunk of pure hesher rock. These dudes are from chilly-ass Olympia, Washington, where there’s not much to do except make good music and get all hugged-up with your old lady and rub feet. I heard Brad surfs, so that’s definitely as good a reason as any to go out and find yourself some sweet guitar riffage to play extra loud through some big ol’ fuzzy speakers.-A.S.

FugaziThe ArgumentDischord RecordsYes, this is the new Fugazi, and yes- it f-king rips! Fugazi is a band that can do no wrong. On this new album, The Argument, the band members take a few looks back at their classic sound from In On The Kill Taker and Margin Walker, while mincing indie-meat with the latter sound. The Argument is one disc you’ll play ’til its completion, then repeat three or four more times in each sitting. You’re commanded by the great gods of indie rock to drop everything, rush to your local independent record store, and put down a few dollars on some seriously great music. Do not delay, go get The Argument. It’s Fugazi’s triumphant return to your stereo-as if it ever left.-C.C.

SlayerGod Hates Us AllAmerican RecordingsThe godfathers of thrash are back with a new album that’ll “rip your f-kin’ face off” and “tear your f-kin’ heart out”-just like their new song (and my personal favorite) “Exile” states. Slayer is super pissed on God Hates Us All, and its sound is unrelenting. Not as evil or brutal as Reign In Blood, but pretty damn close. In my opinion, this album should be voted “2001 Metal Album Of The Year.” Key tracks include “Payback,” “Seven Faces,” “Warzone,” and … just go get the damn album already, it’s the new f-kin’ Slayer!-A.S.

Gladyss PatchesA Wish This SimpleNFE RecordsCan you imagine a bunch of tough Hell’s Angels wearing makeup? That explains Gladyss Patches’ whole steez. In no way do I think the band members are as cool or as bad as the Hell’s Angels-I just think they’re bait for scorn, and it’s my job to criticize them. I mean, they’re trying to sound really hard in their music, but they’re wearin’ makeup, man! It must be a full-time job for a band to think of new ways to be different, except Gladyss Patches is not different. When the lead singer isn’t screaming in rap-metal-esque style, he actually has a good voice. Overall, the music is broken up, obnoxious, and heavy-all while trying to create an emotional feel. If you like music that wavers between harshness and manly sweetness, then go get A Wish This Simple and turn into a twenty-first-century man-girl.-J.M.

SpiritualizedLet It Come DownBMGHere’s the next installment of J Spaceman’s brilliance. Spiritualized is a gospel of jammed-out space-rock-a trippy, orchestral-sounding mass of epic proportions. It’s part Beatles, with some Pink Floyd, Oasis, and a hint of Smashing Pumpkins thrown in. That’s a crazy mix, but that’s just what this band is-crazy. Spiritualized’s music is a wall of beautiful noise that bobs and weaves through endless jams that are roller-coaster rides of rock. You need to buy this disc for the packaging alone-a weird reverse imprint of a doll’s head. Then put Let It Come Down in your stereo and blast the sounds that echo in the brain of a genius freak.-C.C.

Modest MouseEverywhere And His Nasty Parlour TricksEpic RecordsYet another mind-bender of a record from the kings of indie rock-Modest Mouse! If you aren’t a fan of Modest Mouse, then you’re most likely a dork. If you’re unsure if you’re a fan or a dork, then go take a look at your CD collection. If you have any Pink Floyd, Built To Spill, Beck, or Sonic Youth discs, then you’ll love Modest Mouse. Go get it even if you don’t like any of these bands. If you don’t, people are gonna make fun oof you, and you’ll cry like a little bitch.-C.C.

MushroomFoxy MusicinnerSPACE RecordsThe music on Foxy Music has almost no lyrics, but there is a brief interlude of two old people talking about the holidays. Most of the songs are mellow, atavistic basement-lounge-style music. Mushroom would be perfect for playing in the background of an after-party-it’d be a lot easier for you to let your mind come down to Earth and fall asleep on random couches. Sometimes altering the mind is a must, which you might just have to do to listen to this far-out sound. Song number eight is titled “Americans Own The Moon, They Bought It From The Germans, Who Won It During A Poker Game In World War II,” and that really confuses me.-J.M.

MandroidYoung HumanJohnson RecordsYou’ll probably be playing this CD in 50 years while traveling through the outer realms of the galaxy in your beat-up gypsy space capsule-it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It crawls up into your brain and says, “Listen and become weird.” There’re guitars playing, sythesizers cooing, pianos crashing, and strange noises that don’t conform to the natural rhythms music usually abides by. When you finally do hear Mandroid, you can’t help but picture some soggy composer formulating unconventional musical dreams and nightmares while his body slowly transmutates into the fibers of his servile man-machines. This just may be what some of the future music may sound like. Make yourself happy-travel beyond your normal, complacent selves.-J.M.If you want a copy of Mandroid’s Young Human, go get it at aarrr@msn.com.

Rah BrasRuy BlasLovitt RecordsWow, this band is really strange. I mean, I’ve heard a lot of music in my life, and these people are onto something, but I don’t really know what they’re on. I’d say the Rah Bras are a slight mixture of The Make-Up, The Fixx, The Cramps, and a lot of obscure 80s synthesizer-based bands. The music made me feel like I was falling deep into some sex-depraved world. Is that good? I tend to think so. If you’re into naked people, debauchery, activities that don’t make sense, serendipity, twenty-first-century man-girls, or medieval apparel, then go buy this album right now.-J.M.