EAR 4.2


Granfaloon BusExploded ViewFuture FarmerOne thing your record collection may be lacking is some good mellow music that you can throw in the stereo on a Saturday morning, or on a Sunday night. Granfaloon Bus is a cool band that gives you the feeling of a modern Neil Young without the whine or the politics. Granfaloon Bus could also be thrown in the “quiet is the new loud” scene with artists like Elliott Smith, Kings Of Convenience, and Travis. Get out of your macho thing, and hook yourself up with some good indie mellowness-you’ll be happy you did.-C.C.

Her Space HolidayManic ExpressiveTigerstyleWhat do you listen to when you want to chill or just add that little bit of atmosphere to lure that special someone into your creepy room without making her feel uncomfortable? At the same time, you’re trying to soothe her and relax her, but you also want her to think you’re a cool and hip person. Simply purchase Her Space Holiday’s new CD Manic Expressive and feel like an in-style fashionable hipster. Sounds like Air, Sigur Ros, and a touch of Radiohead, so put on some tight pants and go to your nearest independent record store and buy, buy, buy!-C.C.

Desert Sessions #7Gypsy MarchesSouthern Lord RecordsThis album has some really far-out, experimental sounds on it. My head expanded two inches when I heard the first few notes. I sometimes cannot comprehend astrophysics, or quantum physics, but last night it came to me while listening to the first song. I realized that I really do play an influential role in the external universe around me.I can grasp the notion that space is the place, and that my brain is holographic in true nature. The sounds that these people (members of Queens Of The Stone Age, and ex Screaming Trees) made during their recording sessions in the desert are rare and enlightening. Some people like to put their ears next to loud speakers and listen to feedback, others like to bang on bongo drums and eat pot brownies. I’d like to travel to distant worlds, but because I can’t I’ll just listen to music like this instead.-J.M.

Pete YornLive At The RoxyColumbiaPete Yorn is a rock and roller. He plays simple, yet effective rock that’ll no doubt make you want to dance, or at least jump up and down and clap your hands. His voice sounds like Eddie Vedder without the extra moaning. This particular CD is a live recording of Pete playing at the world-famous Roxy theater in Los Angeles. He starts the show with a slow rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s, “Dancin’ in the Dark,” and then busts into a high-powered new rock classic “Murray.” The rest of the CD’s full of great rock riffs and a frontman who stands out as a star. If you like artists like Frank Black And The Catholics, or The Strokes-you’ll like Pete Yorn, boss.-C.C.