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Reviews by C*

The Convocation Of …Pyramid TechnologyTigerstyleHere’s some crunched up, indie math rock-funk that will tweak you. The Convocation Of … is a blend of distorted wah-wah guitars with roaming bass lines and Rubicks Cube drumming. These guys are exploring wah-wah use and bringing it from 70s to 2002 indie tech. If you’re a fan of Fugazi, Blonde Redhead, or Unwound you’ll find lots to love on this disc. Do you think you’re ready for The Convocation Of …? The answer is yes, go buy this disc now!

The New Year Newness EndsTouch and GoCan you dig on a mix of slow-core and pop? Can you feel the burn of the indie tension created by smooth vocals and intricate guitars and flowing drums? This is a CD you should own for three reasons: 1. You need to chill out and enjoy yourself. 2. The last song “Newness Ends” is awesome and you will love it tenderly. 3. Touch and Go records always comes through with the hits. Fans of Red House Painters, Codeine, and Seam will enjoy The New Year thoroughly.

Something CorporateAudioboxerDrive-ThruThis CD from Dana Point, California’s Something Corporate is a guilty pleasure. You could call it pop-punk, but it’s more like pop. It’s actually emo-pop, with the added piano for something different. The song you may have heard and secretly like is “If U C Jordan,” it’s a catchy song about a high school bully-it rips. Something Corporate is like a mix of Ben Folds, Saves the Day, and The Promise Ring. If you’re a fan of pop-punk, this band could possibly lead you to like something similar, but different.

The CathetersStatic Delusions And Stone-Still DaysSub PopThis young rock group from Seattle, Washington will blow your brains out and fill your empty hole with sonic streams of consciousness. Seriously, though-this is high-energy rock in the vein of The Stooges or The Ramones. Nonstop rock and roll from start to finish, with one or two “throwaway” songs. Static Delusions sounds like it was recorded in three days probably because it was recorded in three days. Go get this CD and add it to your new “I finally found a real rock band” collection.-A.S.

I Am Sam(Music from and inspired by the motion picture)V2How can you go wrong letting amazing musicians cover amazing Beatles songs? You can’t, that’s why the soundtrack to I Am Sam is an instant classic and a must-listen. The track list is incredible: Eddie Vedder doing “Hide Your Love Away”, Ben Harper playing “Strawberry Fields Forever”, Ben Folds covering “Golden Slumbers”, The Black Crowes ruling “Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds”, and Nick Cave crooning “Let It Be”, just to name a few. If you don’t have this CD you may as well throw your CD player in the trash can.

Lost Prophets The Fake Sound Of ProgressColumbiaThis band sounds like a mix between one of those Korn-like bands and early Faith No More. As I was listening to them in my room, my brother came in and looked at me funny. I was embarrassed and told him that I was merely reviewing the band for TransWorld. He didn’t believe me and said I was dumb and had bad taste in music. I said that he was entitled to his opinion and that he shouldn’t try and make himself look better by putting me down. After justifying my position, I learned to really love the Lost Prophets. But then again, I also learned to love being beaten up by the bigger guys in the locker room in eighth grade-J.M.