Ear – 4.7


What’s In Saxon Boucher’s Beatbox?Guns N’ Roses-G N’ R LiesGuns N’ Roses-Appetite For DestructionA Tribe Called Quest-Midnight MaraudersThe Pharcyde-Bizarre Ride IIDJ Jay Larson-Late Night Mix

Masters Of The HemisphereProtest A Dark AnniversaryKindercore

The first track on this CD titled “Anything, Anything,” is one of the best songs recorded in years. It begins with a flood of amazing harmonies and progresses with chorus after chorus of beautiful vocals meshed with driving pop-gold. The rest of the disc follows this trend and completes a full circle of dreamy, happy, well-thought-out pop in the vein of The Rentals, Quasi, or Weezer.-Jake Stenson

The Jazz JuneThe MedicineInitial

The name makes you think the music might be some jazz-indie-fusion thing, but after you hear the first few songs, you’ll realize it’s another emo-style indie-rock band-which is a good thing. Jazz June is worth checking out. The singer sounds like the guy from Braid, while the music is reminiscent of Capt’n Jazz, Braid, or Reubens Accomplice. This will be a treat for the emo-indie-rock fans of the world.-Glenn Dansworth

AshantiAshantiMurder Inc.

Ashanti is the sexy lady behind the pretty vocals on Ja Rule’s massive hit “Always On Time.” She’s on a label called Murder Inc., which is weird-she’s so cute, I don’t think she could be capable of murder. She is definitely one of the hottest ladies in music today. She might be running with a hard crew of thugs, but I think she’s still down for short, overweight, white men like myself. Call, Ashanti, I’m always on time, baby.-C.C.

The Gloria RecordStart Here

The Arena Rock

This band is already starting to gain national recognition for their original and soothing sound. The Gloria Record is made up of two original members of the groundbreaking indie-rockers Mineral and two other young men who have molded into a group of talented songwriters. The atmospheres they create are amazing. Textures, layers, emotions, and an edge-of-your-seat feeling are features of each song on the disc. Fans of Pedro The Lion, Seam, Far, Mineral, or Chavez will love this record.-J.S.

L’altraIn The AfternoonAstheticsSimply put, L’altra plays beautiful music. It’s soft and kind, while being lush and full. The best time to listen to this disc would be on a porch swing with your little lady under your arm, swaying in the afternoon breeze. She’s really content snuggling her head on your shoulder, and you’re smiling. Afterward, you guys go inside, turn the CD player up, and start making out. Fans of romance, Wheat, or Tortoise will love L’altra.-C.C.

Abandoned PoolsHumanisticWarner Bros.This CD isn’t bad for a major-label release. The snobby indie crowd will enjoy this Abandoned Pools disc because of its unpretentious approach to emo rock ‘n’ roll. All we mean by saying “emo” is that it’s emotional and sometimes sappy. They sound like Sunny Day Real Estate-that’s quite a compliment. Did the singer for Sunny Day start a new band?-J.S.

DVD Reviews

Hang The VJ Burning Heart Here’s an alternative to the crappy videos MTV has been showing lately. If you don’t have the money for MTV2, you should buy this DVD. It’s a big-ass compilation of 61 rock videos from 23 hard-rocking bands. Some of the awesome videos are performed by The Hives, The International Noise Conspiracy, The Refused, and Bodyjar. There’s a lot of punk on the DVD, so if you watch it, it may make you punk-or make you buy a spiked belt.-C.C.