Ear/ Eye 4-4

TransWorld SURF
Volume 4 number 4
File: Ear/ Eye

The Rock*A*Teens
Noon Under the Trees

File the Rock-A-Teens under music to listen to while driving your beat-up 1965 Chevy away from the house of the woman who just broke your heart. The latest release from the Deep South’s Rock*A*Teens is a constant barrage of emotional garage-rockabilly-rock-soul-swing that tugs at your heartstrings. A reverb-drenched trip through the heart and soul of modern crooner Chris Lopez. No modern band sounds like the Rock*A*Teens, so look to the past for its influences like Elvis Presley and Hank Williams. Please go rock out to the Rock*A*Teens.-C.C.

Quiet Games For Hot Weather

Pinq makes subtle, moody, and deep music that you can listen to in many situations including hanging out with a special person, driving through snow, and doing housework. The name of the band is strangely similar to a pop diva’s, but please get past that and dig into this disc’s brilliantly layered sonic soundscape filled with reverb, ebb-and-flow vocals, and chilling arrangements. If you take pleasure from bands like The Sea And Cake, Death Cab For Cutie, or The Shins, you’ll really enjoy this disc from Pinq.-C.C.

The Royal Tenenbaums
Hollywood Records

Mark Mothersbaugh is a hero. Not only was he the guiding force behind Devo, but since the band’s demise he’s made quite a career for himself composing and organizing movie soundtracks. His latest product, the score for Wes Anderson’s film The Royal Tenenbaums, is further proof that Mothersbaugh’s ability to think outside of one particular genre of music is almost unheard of (Zappa was pretty close). From Nico, Bob Dylan, and The Clash, to the Ramones, Elliot Smith, and Nick Drake, as well as classical harpsicord pieces composed by Mothersbaugh himself, what’s truly awe-inspiring about The Tenenbaums soundtrack is its pacing. If you listen from beginning to end, it feels like you’re on a magical journey through the mind of the guy who wrote “Whip It.”-Joel

Fydolla Ho
Trash City/Redheaded Woman

Los Angeles’ Fydolla Ho is a badass female-fronted rock machine that will destroy you. This release has a rough edge, it’s like Hole got into a car wreck with X and Perfect Circle. Lead singer Shawnee Smith has a larger-than-life sex-war stage show that is not to be missed. Drummer Carl, bassist Johnny Vicodin, and guitar-wizard James are a crew of musical demons ready to assault your ears. If you enjoy hard-sexy rock-thrash-metal, get Fydolla Ho now.-C.C.

The Cancer Conspiracy
The Cancer Conspiracy
Big Wheel Records

If you’re committed to music and emotionally willing to give your spine to what you’re hearing, then this CD should be a chapter in your musically influenced life. There are no vocals, so maybe some singing, it would help expand its melodic songs with thoughts that notes can’t explain. Basically, I’d really like to know what’s on their minds. As far as the music, it’s well thought out and dynamic, which is a sweet treat. Sunny Day Real Estate or A Minor Forest come to mind, but work with me, it’s just along those lines.-Brandon Parkhurst

Engine Down
Lovitt Records

There are so many great indie-rock bands out in the world these days, it’s baffling. Engine Down is an indie gem. Its sound is reminiscent of a less artsy Blonde Redhead with an added glimpse of Jawbox. There’re a few reasons you should sell some of your old CDs and buy this Engine Down disc:1.You have a need in your collection for some meaningful indie rock.
2.You like music that makes you feel emotional.
3.You like good singing, dynamic guitar work, and stinging drums.
4.You trust that the TransWorld SURF Ear department won’t steer you wrong.-C.C.

Live 85-86

What is evil? Is Glenn Danzig evil? If Glenn Danzig is evil, then this Samhain live record is the beginnings of his evilness. Thiss is a hardassed live show that will wreck you. If you put this disc on blasting, close your eyes, and slam dance, you will feel the aura of the awesome, ass-kicking, evil rockers Samhain! The recording is suprisingly good, and the songs are dark punk rock classics. If you like Danzig or The Misfits, Samhain Live is a must.-C.C.

What’s In Benji Weatherly’s Beatbox?
Untouchables-Wild Child
Damien Jr. Gong Marley-Mr. Marley
Rocket from the Crypt-RFTC
DJ Z-Trip-Volume 1