Ear/ Eye – 4.6

Ear/ Eye

What’s In Phillip Waters’ Beatbox?Jay-Z-The BlueprintNas-StillmaticMobb Deep-Infamy2Pac-Me Against The WorldD12-Devil’s Night

The MakersStrangest ParadeSub PopA rock-and-roll classic! This new Makers disc is a rock train coming through your speakers. The songs are all gems in the vein of The Rolling Stones or Early Bowie. The Makers have created a 70s, glam, indie-rock spectacle. It may take a few listens, but you’ll soon begin to feel the pure soul music this CD offers. A serious must for any fan of 1970’s classic rock, walls of guitars, or Mick Jagger. Give this record your attention, and tell some friends that they should check out this fantastic record you just bought-it’s that easy.-C.C.

VHS OR BETALe FunkOn RecordsDisco-funk, sex-style trip-hop, or dance-your-ass-off groove-out? VHS OR BETA is all of these things. At first you may think that they’re Euros, but they’re from Kentucky or something. They sound a lot like Daft Punk, so if you like that groove, get up and get down, baby. Oh yeah, I like that sexy-style dance move you’ve been throwing. What’s that you say? Why yes, this is my real chest hair.-C.C.

Girls Against BoysYou Can’t Fight What You Can’t SeeJade TreeThis is some hard-rocking shit. Straight-up rock and roll with a tense, edgy twist. Girls Against Boys have released a grip of hard-edge classic CDs-all good and all loud. The band’s older stuff sounds similar to The Jesus Lizard and Shellac, while this new record has hints of Guided By Voices. This new disc still has ferocity while adding in more listener-friendly songs, but let it be clear-this disc is heavy. Girls Against Boys have a hit record here. Let’s rock, people! Go buy this record!-C.C.

The Holy GhostBroken RecordClearlyYet another awesome indie-rock record that deserves to be heard-The Holy Ghost is a hard-rocking four-piece band that blasts out hit after indie hit. Along the lines of Archers Of Loaf or The Convocation Of … , this band jams hard. The first song starts the rocking off nicely, while each song improves as the disc spins furiously. Get into the indie-rock world and you’ll be enlightened.-Jake Stenson

Jim O’RourkeInsignificanceDrag CityHow do you dance to the new Jim O’Rourke album? Because many of you have never heard him, you might not know the answer. Jim is one of the masterminds behind Gastr Del Sol, while also producing albums for The Sea And Cake and Wilco. So throw away that emo crap and buy the new Jim O’Rourke-listen to a quality album for once. It sounds like Elvis hanging with Rocket From The Crypt while having drinks with James Taylor.-Brad Massey

… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The DeadSource Tags And CodesInterscopeThis is a much-hyped band that likes to destroy the stage after playing live. It’s rad that the band members smash their shit because it ends the show with a bang. This newest release comes after a long string of indie recordings that were all good and very rocked out. Now that this band is on Interscope they can afford more instruments to smash, so everyone wins. This is a cool album-pretty indie, medium-fi, and rock. Fans of At The Drive In, The Hot Snakes, or International Noise Conspiracy will enjoy this disc.-J.S.

DVD Review

The Steve-O VideoDon’t Try This At HomeYeah DudeSteve-O is a f-ked up human. In this video, (which is for adult audiences only!) he goes to great lengths to disgust, revolt, anger, depress, and entertain his audience. The audiences we’re referring to are the same messed up crowd that buy fight videos, and those spring break boobie-flash tapes. You may feel like a scumbag for watching this but you will not stop watching as Steve-o performs such amazing feats as falling off a bridge wearing stilts, snorting hot curry, spitting fire, and the career ending stapling his nuts to his leg-watch out this shit is scetchy.-J.S.